Section 375 Movie Review: Akshaye Khanna’s film ‘Section 375’ is full of suspense and thriller

Section 375 Movie Review Akshaye Khanna

You will be able to enjoy this film only if you forget for a while that the cross-examination of witnesses in any case is in the lower court, not the High Court. In article 375, arguments between lawyers and cross-examination of witnesses take place in the High Court and there is no doubt that this is a good film as a court drama. But the main purpose of this film is to tell that after the ‘Nirbhaya scandal’, the changes in the law regarding sexual exploitation of women, which are called (article 375) have flaws and can also be used cleverly against others. is. In other words, a woman or a girl can also be a manipulator.

It has a girl, Anjali Damle (Meera Chopra), who lives in the middle-class area of ​​Mumbai and works as an assistant costume designer in the film industry. One day she goes to show the cost of Rohan Khurana (Rahul Bhatt), director of a film being made. Khurana sexually abuses her. The case goes to court from where Khurana gets a ten-year sentence. Khurana’s wife goes to the High Court where her lawyer Tarun Saluja (Akshaye Khanna) tries to prove that Anjali has implicated Khurana in the trap she created.

Anjali’s lawyer is Heral Gandhi (Richa Chadha) who is the only one to punish Khurana. What is reality? What is Anjali saying or is Khurana’s lawyer Saluja saying? The arguments of the two in the court try to cut each other. But which direction will be decided? And will it be based only on the pleas of the lawyers or what is going on in the media will also influence the court’s decision? Khurana is being prosecuted not only in the court but not in the media and the media trial also has an impact on the judges.

As an actor, this film is of Akshaye Khanna, who has presented his side in the court in a cool way. There is a pause in their dialogues, every light smile of the time of dialogue payment and every attempt to make way through the legal dilemma. Richa Chadha also plays the role of a government lawyer in the courtroom scenes. Meera Chopra in the role of Anjali initially looks innocent but later comes complexity.

At the beginning of the film, lawyer Tarun Saluja has a lecture among law students in which he says that law and justice are different things and at times the law wins, not justice. Article 375 has been created to show that some times law and media trials together push justice beyond. There is no song in the film and its dialogue is also agile.


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