Satpal Satti shrugged off the target, said – Leader lying competition in opposition and Congress President


Una (Amit): BJP state president Satpal Singh Satti has launched a verbal attack on Leader of Opposition Mukesh Agnihotri and Congress President Kuldeep Rathore. Satti said that who is the leader who tells the biggest lies in Opposition and Congress President, such a competition is going on. Satti said that Kuldeep Rathore often makes factless statements to create sensation. On the coronation of the BJP president, Satti said that only the central high command will stamp the name of the BJP president.

BJP state president Satpal Satti has hit back at Congress president Kuldeep Rathore for stating big racket in the name of government jobs in the state. Speaking to reporters, BJP state president Satpal Satti, who arrived at the annual prize distribution ceremony at Kanya Vidyalaya in Una, said that Congress President Kuldeep Rathore himself does not know what he says. Satti said that competition is going on in the Leader of Opposition and Congress President and it is such a competition that who lies how much lies and who speaks so much sensation. Satti said that if the Congress President has any facts, then he should put it in front.

Satti said that in Himachal, the job process runs with complete transparency. Satti said that the Congress President is making completely unthinkable statements while recruitment has been done on Chitto during the tenure of Congress. On the other hand, Satpal Satti said about the coronation of the BJP president that only the central high command will decide on the post of president. Satti said that names from Himachal have been finalized and whatever name the high command will seal, all will work together with them in solidarity.


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