Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th November 2021 Episode Written Update (25/11/2021)

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Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th November 2021 Written Episode Update Colors Tv Sasural Simar Ka 2 25 November Written Update on TellyUpdates.

Episode Name: Badi Maa Gives A Fitting Reply To Reema’s Jealousy

Air Date: 25th November 2021

Full Written Update: Sasural Simar Ka 2 25/11/2021 Episode Start with He says she was driving entirely quick, to the point that she met with a mishap and presently I am separated from everyone else for lifetime. He says this isn’t reasonable and says my life is destroyed to conceal this unpleasant truth. He says he lies that he don’t trust in affection, as he would rather not recollect Nisha. He says he is as yet remaining at a similar spot, where she left him. She says I have done her last ceremonies with these hands, with which I was going to fill her maang. He says you have Aarav with you, you can see him, hear him and contact him, yet I can’t. He says in some cases I feel self-destructive, however don’t have any desire to disturb Nisha. He says even today, I can’t go to where we used to meander. He says I need to do this to forget my past. Simar says I am sorry Samar. Samar says I would rather not give compassion and don’t have any desire to take it. He advices her to live for Avinash and Indu and requests that she feel what they will think in case they come to know. He causes her to sit on the seat and ties hanky on her harmed foot. Simar cries. Samar says the connection which is covered up are having imperfection. He requests that she call him and let him know that she would rather not meet him.

Badi Maa watches the video. Reema keeps her hand on her cheek and says I will answer with the large dhamaka for you little slap. Aarav gets back home. Badi Maa hears the vehicle sound and comes out. Aarav gets down the vehicle and tumbles down. Badi Maa yells Aarav and calls Vivaan and Sandhya to come out quick. Reema comes out. Sandhya and Vivaan get stressed seeing him harmed. Reema says why Badi Maa isn’t admonishing him and asks when she will begin her activity stuffed film. Badi Maa requests that Vivaan call specialist and take him inside. She is broken and stunned. Reema is stunned seeing her conduct and goes behind her, says for what reason didn’t you admonish Aarav? She says you have seen him breaking quick for Simar, on my Mayka’s patio and invest energy with her. She says now he is acting and you have dissolved. She asks where is your displeasure and fire? Badi Maa requests that she stop it, else she won’t set aside effort to take out her tongue. She says I can detect your desire, and can see that you are longing to get harmony for your consuming heart. Reema says I generally saw you taking represent right. Badi Maa says I realize that you couldn’t care less in case I support right or not. She says you are irate as Badi Maa and Aarav’s connection isn’t broken today, and inquires as to why my nurturing love for him overwhelmed everything today. Reema says no. Badi maa says you are insatiable regarding these keys. She tosses it on the floor and requests that she take it, and says take it, however the power isn’t tied in with getting the keys. She says in case you believe that you can turn into the head by breaking Oswal family, then, at that point, you can’t do this in any event, for 7 births. She requests that she acknowledge the family with heart first and requests that she leave her doings, else she won’t set aside effort to hold her down. She says I don’t need any exhortation from anybody, when to chide my children. She says assuming you need to work on something for us, then, at that point, center around your more youthful sister’s marriage. She says Saam, daam, dand, anything you desire, get her hitched soon and afterward I will give keys to you without anyone else. She says your center will be Simar and not Aarav. She says for the present, keep these keys in my space for the time being. Reema picks the keys.

Aarav lets Vivaan know that he needn’t bother with any specialist and requests that he move. He says I need to say sorry to Simar, she didn’t glance back at me, I hurt her definitely. Specialist asks since how long, he didn’t rest? Aarav requests that Vivaan call her from his telephone and says I can’t see her hurt. Sandhya requests that Aarav give him infusion. Specialist gives infusion to Aarav. Aarav asks how did you respond and get Doctor’s cover, and says how could you? Sandhya says he isn’t in his detects, and apologizes. Badi Maa comes there. Aarav says I am actually a terrible individual, and hurt everybody. He says I am sorry Badi Maa, I would have rather not harmed anybody. He falls on the bed because of infusion impact and says I would rather not hurt Badi Maa, and inquires as to whether she is irate? Badi Maa says no, my Aarav isn’t narrow minded. I’m not furious with you. She says I am certain that you will do nothing off-base which will carry discourtesy to the family. She says I have a lot of expectations from you, you are Oswal family’s main beneficiary. Sandhya says would we be able to leave him alone Aarav only for once, and inquires as to whether he can dispose of Oswal last name for once. She says my child is broken, allow him an opportunity to deal with himself. She says give him some existence. Badi Maa says did you see what occurred. She says when we are around him, he will deal with himself. She says I need to save him from this frenzy. Sandhya says my child is biting the dust each second, and inquires as to why you can’t adopt the thought process of a mother. Badi Maa says I am thinking like Badi Maa and getting everything. She says when I advised Aarav to call me Badi Maa and not Dadi, why? She says a mother can see her child’s aggravation and Badi Maa comes to know the justification behind his aggravation. She says she needs to get him far from that young lady and says he is bearing this because of that Simar. She says you have saved him for a considerable length of time, however I kept him on my eyelashes. She says I can’t see him broken, broke and destroyed this way. She says I can go to any length to save him. Sandhya says Aarav will not be compelled to do anything as of now. Badi Maa asks what I am driving on him? Vivaan requests that they quiet down and says you both are concerned for him. He says he actually needs to rest. Badi Maa requests that Vivaan be with him. Vivaan says OK. Badi Maa goes from that point. Sandhya cries sitting with Aarav. Aarav takes Simar’s name in oblivious state. Simar gets sad eyes and says Aarav ji.

Toward the beginning of the day, Samar awakens Simar utilizing the bloom. Simar awakens and yells. Samar gives her morning meal and says today morning will be excellent for me, and that is the reason I made breakfast for you moreover. Simar says you ought to have made for all, and says it was sweet motion, yet I will have food subsequent to making nourishment for everybody. Samar shows her that everybody is having food. He says I ponder the contrary individual before me. Simar amends him, giggles and cries. Samar asks until when you will cry and requests that she be commonsense. Simar says I am contemplating Aarav ji and says he is harmed and harmed. Samar says he is with his family and should be fine. He gets some information about her family, who believes that their little girl is glad and continued on.

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