Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th June 2022 Episode Written Update (24/6/2022)

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Tv Show Written Updates

Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Colors TV “Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th June 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Chitra Argues With Badimaa To Search Girl For Reyansh

Air Date: Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th June 2022

Full Written Update: Sasural Simar Ka 2 24/6/2022 Episode Start with She really takes a look at the air terminal pics and tracks down a young lady Ishita Kapoor. She sends her fellowship demand. Kavya calls Simar and says they have arrive at Oswal Mansion. Simar requests that she stand by in Music room. Kavya is going. Reyansh holds her nearer, and afterward tells that he had practiced a lot of today. Kavya goes. Badimaa inquires as to whether the bundles configuration came. He says it is in process, I will show similarly as it comes. Reyansh is going. Badimaa asks where is he going? He says he is going for running and goes. Simar thinks who goes for running as of now. She calls Dinesh and requests that he go behind Reyansh, and do as she says.

Chitra comes to Badimaa and says I really want my right, sending her dupatta. Aarav and Vivaan return home to take the document. Chitra asks will I get my privileges? Ishita is seen. Reyansh calls her and asks which vehicle? She says white Sedan and requests that he come quick. He hurries to her. She is going to embrace him. He says first we will go from here. Badimaa requests that Chitra say plainly, what right she needs? Chitra says to scan young lady for Reyansh. She says why Simar is scanning young lady for him. Badimaa says so you came to realize that I gave her this obligation. She requests that Sandhya call Simar there. Sandhya sends Maharaj ji to call her. Badimaa requests that Reema come there. Simar requests that Kavya play the music. Maharaj ji illuminates Simar that Sandhya is calling her. Simar asks kavya to deal with the class, and says she will be back.

Badimaa lets Simar know that she has enlightened all the family regarding giving her obligation. Chitra says Badimaa, you would have asked me prior to giving liability to Simar. She says Vivaan has done all alone. Badimaa inquires as to whether he has any protest. Giriraj says no and tells that you would have thought prior to giving obligation to Simar, and says Simar will take the best choice, as she takes the choice from heart. Reema inquires as to why, in the event that we won’t do it from heart. She says Reyansh is my genuine dewar and I have all the more right on him. Simar says I was doing what… Sandhya says let everybody’s outrage quiet down. Reema tells that I have chosen to scan young lady for Reyansh and asks Simar not to meddle. Sandhya asks Reema, how is she talking? She says you will say this cordially. Chitra says even Reema will not meddle and says his mother is alive and I can do what should be finished, I know his decision. Reema says Reyansh and my style remainder, frequency and contemplations are same, so I can scan an ideal young lady for Reyansh, better than you. Sandhya says I need to say something, and requests that they watch out. Chitra challenges Reema that she can’t scan young lady for reyansh. Reema says Reyansh will sit on the mandap seeing my decision. Chitra says I will look through rich young lady of India. Reema says my young lady will be glitz. Badimaa requests that they stop it and says you both are fooling around, and says Simar will just scan young lady for Reyansh. Chitra asks since when Simar has become nearer to Reyansh. Simar tells Badimaa that Chitra will likewise be able to choose the young lady, being his mom. Sandhya says you will give opportunity to everybody and you will pursue the last choice. Simar says OK, we as a whole will choose the young lady. Giriraj says Reyansh is the more youthful child of the house and everybody needs to shower their adoration and praise on him. Aarav says something very similar. Once more, simar demands. Badimaa requests that Chitra and Reema search the young lady, however make her meet Simar first, in the event that she concurs, I will meet the young lady. Reema says she is my more youthful sister, on the off chance that I will ask her. Chitra says she is my bahu, assuming that I want to take her assent. Badimaa requests that they concur or allow Simar to carry out her responsibility. Chitra and Reema go. Badimaa tells Simar that Chitra will look through rich young lady and Reema will look through gorgeous young lady. She requests that Sandhya scan young lady for Reyansh, and says the very best to everybody. She tells Gajendra, Giriraj, Aarav and Vivaan that today she will come to office for the show. Vivaan says you will accompany me. Badimaa lets Simar know that she has given opportunity to everybody, except trust simply her and asks her not to break her trust. She says jai Maa durga. Simar says jai maa durga.

Reyansh and Ishita have an embrace. Ishita inquires as to why he was running out of house. He says his home is prison. Ishita requests that he acquaint her with his loved ones. He says his family has vamps and antiheroes of bollywood and hollywood. He says Badimaa becomes red Dracula and spits fire, when she talks. He says his bhabhis are witches, whose eyes are on him generally. He says they are continuously floating like hawks. He says my Maa, what to say… Ishita asks Dayan? He says OK, she is of top class. He says I can’t say being her child. He says in the event that they come to be aware, will chase us. She asks what’s going on with me. He says you are great, yet they are foe of affection and says that no marriage till 2-4 years. She asks what? She says you says that you needed to wed me and opposite side this. She requests that he say plainly to wed or not. He says we will meet in the night for supper, presently I need to go else witches will come here looking through me. He embraces her and goes. Dinesh takes the photographs.

Specialist actually takes a look at Gagan and inquires as to why your BP is fluctuating. Gagan says I am extremely confounded and tells that I thought marriage is hazardous, then thought arranging a child is risky, and presently when the child is going to be conceived, I feel that conveyance is perilous and excruciating. Aditi says Roma and I need to bear the aggravation, why you have rested. Gagan says thinking how you both will bear the aggravation and says again my BP is shooting up. Specialist requests that he unwind and sit in daylight. He says your sister and spouse are serious areas of strength for both. Gagan goes out and sits alongside Avinash. He sees Avinash leg shaking and says even your leg is moving. Avinash says a dad is dependably in torment, figuring what his significant other will go through while conveying the child. Gagan misjudges and overreacts.

A few young ladies are seating in the nursery region. Chitra and reema take a gander at one another. Vivaan lets Aarav know that first line is of Richie young lady came for tryout with Mom, and the charming young ladies came to try out with Reema, and says basic young ladies are called by Sandhya. A young lady comes and tells that she has been chosen for second round.

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