Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th October 2021 Episode Written Update (13/10/2021)

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Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors TV “Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th October 2021 Written Update” on


Air Date: 13th October 2021

Full Written Update: Sasural Simar Ka 2 13/10/2021 Episode Start with Geetanjali Devi request that Aarav put red soil and Vivaan to place dark soil in the pot. She then, at that point, request that Aarav put the seeds and pour some water on it. Then, at that point, she request that Vivaan put the blessed light in the pit. Then, at that point, she implores God for her family.

Simar attempts to expalin Sandhya and request that she stay. Sandhya tells her that she is only a schedule no body will recollect her following not many days they quit missing her and will change their daily practice. She tells that we women are conceived not to put directly on anything. She says that they don’t have a name plate outside their home.

Before marriage it’s their dad last name and after marriage it’s her better half’s family name. She says that she is worry that subsequent to going out what family name she will have, Simar request that then, at that point, stay and not to take off from the house. Sandhya tells her she can’t as Sandhya can even statements of regret to Badi Ma yet the mother in her can’t ask conciliatory sentiment. Simar saya on the off chance that she is spot on, she ought not statements of regret.

Aarav again tells Badi taht he needs to talk. Badi Ma without paying attention to him. Gajender explains to him why 8s he upsetting Badi Ma. He saya on the grounds that you are not doing anything that is the reason. Gajender tells him taht whatever Sandhya had done his family need to pay fro it by and by just as expertly. He lets him know that they have lost confidence on the lookout and their girls wedding had been dropped. Aarav tells him taht momhas done this in view of solid explanation. Gajender lets Aarav know that how he is supporting his mom the same way he is additionally supporting his mom and not his better half.

Aditi comes and ask Sandhya help her packi6ger sack. Reema and Simar is beautifying the sanctuary for pooja. Simar ask her not to put agarbatti before the kalash. Reema chooses to trap Simar and show her wrong. She aks Simar to place ghee in diyas, when she is pouring ghee in diyas , Reema tosses ghee infront of the entryway. In the interim Simar slips on the ghee at the entryway.

Reema also slips and tells to Simar waht she has done. Ahead Aarav and Vivaan accompanying others and brings heavenly kalash. Simar felt that assuming they slip here, that will not be acceptable. She then, at that point, puts a floor covering at the door and puts bloom Patel’s on it. She says that how might they not wanted god with blossom patels as they shower their gifts on them.

Geetanjali Devi blows up as she saw Sandhya and Aditi with their sacks pressed. Panditji begins the pooja, he ask the oldest child and Bahu to sit in the pooja. Geetanjali Devi says that her grandson and his better half will sit for the pooja. She request that Vivaan and Rea sit for it, Vivaan comes and tells to Badi Ma that he appealed to God for his family prosperity that Aarav will sut forbthe pooja. Geetanjali Devi is exceptionally cheerful as Vivaan appealed to God for the family, she says to Aarav and Simar to sit for the pooja. Chitra is miserable, Vivaan tells to Rea that he doesn’t think of her as his better half then, at that point, how is it possible that he would sit with her infront of the sacred fire.

Chitra is despondent, she calls Vivaan inept and says interestingly Badi Ma kept Vivaan before Aarav however he botched that chance as well. Gajender ask Sandhya for what good reason she is doing this, she doesn’t need to leave her family and go. Sandhya lets him know it’s not with regards to conciliatory sentiment it’s with regards to her sense of pride. She doesn’t need her girl to wllearn some unacceptable things and resemble her. Pooja is over now, Aarav and Simar pours water in the blessed kalash. Reema is furious on Simar. Vivaan tells to Aditi taht Sandhya won’t go anyplace.

Shobha request that Divya and Vivek do the pooja. Roma appeal to God for Lalit to get back. Indu appeals to God for the success of her home. Sandhya and Aditi are venturing out from home.

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