Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 8 April 2021 Episode Written Update (08/04/2021)

Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati Tv Show Written Updates

Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 8th Apr 2021 Written Episode Update, Sony TV Serial “Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 8 April 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Lata Je Understands That The Person Who Hit Her Car Was Chedilal

Air Date: 8 April 2021

Full Written Update: Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 8/04/2021 Episode Start with Aasthik needs to discover the guilty party while Alokik says that he’s getting vibes that the offender is some place near them. Sargam comes there and says she requested CCTV film from Jain gem specialists. They will before long catch the guilty party. Aasthik gets cheerful hearing it. Latha says she will remain in the house until they get the offender. Chedhi gets frightened. Chedhi uncovers to different individuals from the family with the exception of Sargam and Latha that the offender was him. Chedhi lashes out Aasthik for his words. Alokik says his vibes were correct.

Chedhi concurs with him and second thoughts for not tuning in to his words. He argues Alokik to discover a path for him to get away. Alokik attempts approaches to make Latha leave the spot failing to remember the occurrence. Latha begins strolling when Sargam comes there. She inquires as to whether she was rest strolling. Latha asks how is it possible that she would lay down with an awful stench drawing close to her. Sargam says that she don’t get any smell. Latha feels awful for her little girl’s condition who lays down with blossom petals smell however now can’t perceive terrible stench. She says she heard Alokik voice out of the window and talks deriding him. Their arrangement gets fizzled.

Appu serves detox water to Latha. He indeed plays with it while Latha requests that Sargam leave to get the guilty party. Chedhi takes a stab at persuading her in any case yet she gets some information about Aasthik. Chedhi signals Aasthik something and he says that his Guruji came in his fantasy and requests him to excuse the person for piece from mind. Anyway Latha says that she additionally imagined that she was whipping that person with every one of her companions. She needs to get it going and leaves with Sargam and Aasthik. Dhadhu recommends Chedhi to leave to Haridwar yet he says that Latha will not leave him regardless of whether he leaves there.

Sargam and Aasthik accompanies Latha to Jain gem dealers. A young lady takes action on Aasthik thus he doesn’t get down from the vehicle. Sargam and Latha checks the CCTV film while Aasthik refreshes others about the circumstance. Alokik is directing petitions to make vibes to quit getting Chedhi uncovered. Similarly as they expected Latha couldn’t spot Chedhi as the hard plate got harmed because of voltage vacillations. Everybody gets cheerful hearing it. Chedhi takes care of strawberries to Alokik commending him powers. Appu says he’s as yet not totally directly as he anticipated that he won’t get the job.

Before long Appu gets a call from creation house who remarks gravely about his acting abilities and asks him to never have a go at acting ever. Appu gets baffled while Alokik eats the strawberry. Latha is going to leave in her vehicle when she finds scooty left in transit. A kurta falls all over and Sargam says that it’s Chedhi’s kurta. She says he wore it yesterday however considers how it got hued. Latha reviews the kurta to be the offender’s and comprehends that it’s Chedhilal.

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