Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 6 April 2021 Episode Written Update (06/04/2021)

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Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 6th Apr 2021 Written Episode Update, Sony TV Serial “Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 6 April 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Awasthis catch the thieves

Air Date: 6 April 2021

Full Written Update: Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 6/04/2021 Episode Start with Sargam alongside the family hurry to the entryway anyway can’t stroll outside in light of the fact that Asthik is caught and they choose what to do, he says that they should cut the rope anyway Chedilal won’t permit them to cut the rope shouting that it isn’t of anybody’s utilization, Asha encourages to break the glass entryway yet Chedilal says that he is saying of breaking a 5,000 entryway for a life sized model worth 500 rupees. They are at long last ready to stroll outside yet the cheats have fled with the life sized model.

Chedilal returns with the new life sized model, Munna places it on the front entryway and afterward requests the cash, he gives him 500 rupees, Munna requests the cash to convey it yet Chedilal says that as a result of him, he has had the option to deal a ton of life sized models anyway munna demands for the cash anyway Chedilal orders Appu to remove him from the house. Chedilal says that he is thinking to request that Appu lift the life sized model as it would set aside his cash, Sargam shouts that he has gone through a ton of cash for getting the life sized model.

Asthik asks what might they do now on the grounds that the criminal would take somebody else’s’ life sized model, Chedilal will not accept any more danger as he can’t lose any more life sized model, Sargam and Appu clarifies that they have changed the arrangement and they would put a life sized model external the shop anyway it would not be the one which he has brought however Alukik, Chedilal additionally concurs. Sargam is getting ready Alukik, Appu and his siblings shout that he is resembling a life sized model.

Chedilal shouts that it is the best thought as the cheat would come and attempt to take him however would be gotten, Alukik inquires as to whether they would feel terrible in the event that anything happens to him, Asthik specifies that they would feel awful since, in such a case that the criminal takes the life sized model indeed then it would cause a great deal of issues. Alukik asks he is asking how they would feel in the event that anything happened to him, Asha requests that he not move, Sargam at last completion at that point requests that he not move, he says that she is done why should he not move.

Appu clarifies that she is requesting that he act like a life sized model since they don’t move regardless. Sargam requests that he proceed to take the favors of Grandfather, Alukik clarifies that he would need to move for that which delights Sargam then he moves. Appu and Asthik are fixing Alukik when Chedilal requests that they wear their shoes as the opportunity has arrived, Eklawya requests new shows however Chedilal says that he is requesting to make more cost, he calls Appu and Asthik to come and examine, Alukik likewise comes yet is halted by Chedilal who says that the gathering is for him.

They stroll to the opposite side when a client comes and starts taking a gander at Alukik, they request that they give her the sarree anyway Appu clarifies that the saree isn’t available to be purchased yet the woman requests the equivalent sarree, at that point when she is going to give them a cash, another client comes requests the equivalent sarree anyway they attempt to demand them when Alukik asks Chedilal that they should take out the bunch of cards to discover who might get the sarree, the clients get strained after hearing his voice.

Chedilal clarifies that he isn’t the life sized model and there is an extravagant dress rivalry so his sister in law is assisting him with preparing. They all solicitation the client to come inside anyway the leaves, Chedilal orders Appu and Asthik to take him to the area else he would terrify more clients. Asthik and Appu lift him however get attempted exactly when they arrive at the shop of Gupta je, he comes out referencing that daily routine would not allow them to experience and he would not allow them to bite the dust, he arranges them to take the life sized model somewhere else when Asthik requests that he not concern, he gets frightened, Appu and Asthik place him around the bend of the road.

Alukik is standing, Asha makes reference to that the hoodlum would not come anyway Eklawya is persuaded that he would definitely come, a canine comes and starts gnawing the sarree at which Alukik requests that he leave and they would talk in the evening, he leaves, Chedilal says that even canines tune in to his words which he can’t comprehend, the cheat shows up and subsequent to revolving around Alukik gets him, he gets them both, they are stunned to see that he is Munna and the auto driver.  Chedilal asks Munna that he took the life sized model which he purchased from him, Sargam likewise says that the auto driver is additionally taking.

Munna alongside the auto driver clarify that Chedilal is a minimizer and doesnot even give them legitimate cash so they had to turn into a burglar, Sargam makes reference to that they ought not have become the looter, Chedilal says that there is a discipline for theft, they at that point make them both guarantee to never take, they likewise request that Sargam make Chedilal guarantee that he would not be such a minimizer, the two of them leave and get strained in the wake of seeing Alukik Grandfather shouts that Sargam says that they ought not be such a minimizer, Chedilal begins clarifying when they all leave.

Alukik emerges from the washroom and Eklawya brings the cleanser for him, Chedilal addresses for what reason did he need to bring a cleanser worth five rupees when Sargam comes, Alukik stows away and afterward Sargam gives him the cleanser, she requests that Eklawya drink the milk which he drops

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