Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 2 March 2021 Episode Written Update (2/03/2021)

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Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 2nd Mar 2021 Written Episode Update, Sony TV Serial “Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 2 March 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Asha Is Still Not Able To Control His Anger

Air Date: 2 March 2021

Full Written Update: Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 2/03/2021 Episode Start with  Sargam asks the reason so he says that she has been able to sleep however gets nightmares, he can only see that the shop is demolished and they are not able to earn anything, Sargam tries to calm him asking him to hold his breath, he then asks when he should let it go, Sargam then asks him to hold and release his breath, he dreams on the time when their shop has been demolished and all of them are forced to sell the as vendors but are not even able to get any sort of money from the sales, Sargam asks him to not worry as she is sure that Asha Amar would be able to apologize, Sargam also sees the nightmare in which Asha Amar starts beating Babu, Chedilal asks if she also saw the nightmare, Eklawya says that he loves a girl, Sargam warns him that his father is sleeping next to him so he gets conscious.

In the morning Asha Amar Is brushing his teeth when he sees Pinki jee taking out her scooty, he immediately going to her signals ho she should not park it in front of their house anymore, Pinki jee asks what is the reason, he explains how because of her scooty even the dogs from the other neighbourhoods come and piss in front of their house, so that even the boys of the society come and guess what is made, he shouts at the boys to run away who then get scared, Pinki jee tries to reason with him however Asha Amar asks her that she should never park her scooty in front f their house ever again and Pinki jee also mentions that because of her anger his wife also left him, Sargam pledads with him to control as the breakfast is ready, Pinki jee says how he would not be able to control in this life and leaves.

Eklawya is worried how Asha would be able to control his anger, Sargam reveals that she has found hr idea by which they would have Asha control his anger. Some time later Chedilal asks the children what they all are doing, Sargam then reveal how the most anger causing thing in Asha Bahia’s life is Pinki jee so he would now have to control his anger, Chedilal questions if he would be able to do it. Pinki jee comes and parks her bike in front of the house when Sargam signals Asha to not shout, she while going inside turns back asking Asha jee if he has any problem that she has parked her scooty in front of their house, the entire family signals Asha who says that he has no problem, Pinki jee is left startled so turns back and then once again question if he would not have any problem when she parks her scooty in front of their house each and every day, he says that he has not problem however as soon as she goes inside he is about to destroy her scooty however they all make him control it and he doesnot do anything, Chedilal exclaims how he now feels that Asha would be able to apologize, Alukik asks what would happen if the wife says something which angers Asha, Sargam reveals how she has also got a plan for it which is practice.

Appu and Eklawya are dressed as Babu and his wife, Asha Amar mentions that he cannot consider them as original when they are not, Chedilal says that Sargam while being the daughter in law is doing so much then why can he not act, Appu and Eklawya start the act, Appu asks Eklawya to not be so over, he orders Asha Amar to apologize which he does, Appu while acting as Babu says that he should also bow down and Asha Amar is able to apologize, Appu gets tensed when Sargam signals Appu to instigate him even more, he orders Asha Amar to apologize for the entire night and also rub his nose, he then shouts at him but after controlling his anger apologizes once again, they all praise him for being able to control himself, Sargam asks them to all bear witness as the book has done magic for them, Chedilal is also optimistic so mentions that they should let Babu come.

Sargam gives Dada jee his medicine when they hear the music, it is Asha Amar who is actually dancing and also involves everyone to come and dance, he also dances with Chedilal and even their Grandfather after which he performs the solo dance getting up the tree, Appu exclaims that he has spit his anger and her book has performed magic, Asha Amar accidently drops the lantern, everyone looks at Chedilal in anger, he scolds Asha Amar saying how did he break the lamp, asking if he doesnot have any eyes and it is because he was dancing in the entire house, everyone is worried, Asha Amar tries to reason asking why is he getting so frustrated, Chedilal mentions the lantern is really worth a lot and is an antique, Sargam mentions how the breaking of glass is considered as a good omen, when Chedilal stops her from interfering and says Asha is just useless.

Asha responds how he is useless and that he should not always scold him, Chedilal leaves in anger, Sargam pleads with him to control and spit his anger, however Asha orders her to stop this anger management. Appu realizes that Sargam is feeling hurt, he sits beside her when she is worried, Asthik says that father has ruined everything as the anger was calmed but he has once again instigated it, Eklawya says how Babu and his wife would be coming anytime soon, he asks if Asha would apologize, Asthik says that he is worried Asha might break his head. He comes from behind saying how he would apologize because he knows that Sargam worked hard to control his anger so he would surely apologize.

The entire society is rejoicing when Asha apologizes to Babu and his wife, he in angers gets up warning Asha to apologize and say that he should say that he was over his head and should say that he is her servant and would show her any number of sarree which she desires, Asha is not able to control his anger so takes Babu by his neck saying how he is taking advantage of their politeness and he would not apologize, Babu gets angry and is adamant to have the shop demolished even then Asha is still adamant to not apologize when Chedilal is about to get a heart attack, Sargam seeing the situation apologizes to the wife on behalf of Asha, she asks what is she holding in her hand.

Sargam shows the book eing which the wife hugs her husband, she reveals that her father was the writer of the book but they were not able to sell even a single copy till the time she bought the first copy and so now they would not destroy the shop, Babu sends the bulldozer back, Chedilal after hearing the news also stands and apologizes, the lady mentions how it was their fault as she even tried to ruin their property.

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