Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 19 April 2021 Episode Written Update (19/04/2021)

Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati Tv Show Written Updates

Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 19th Apr 2021 Written Episode Update, Sony TV Serial Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 19 April 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Baba challenges Sargam

Air Date: 19 April 2021

Full Written Update: Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 19/04/2021 Episode Start with Baba je says that they can do anything which they need so for what reason are they demolishing his time since he needs to tackle the issues of a many individuals, Alukik inquires as to whether there are other people who should be hitched proposes to such an extent that they hold an aggregate marriage and they would all be able to accompany their bison, Baba asks from which planet did he come since he talks a ton, their family photograph likewise falls and breaks seeing which Baba says that the destroying of the family has begun, Chedilal gets terrified so says that they would play out the wedding with every one of the ceremonies, he doesnot even tune in to Sargam which delights Baba who says that he should initially get ready for the Sangeet and furthermore call the lady of the hour. Chedilal asks the promising time however the baba is persuaded that they should initially get ready for the Sangeet.

In the first part of the day Chedilal and Asthik are disseminating the cards, Asthik asks what is the need so Chedilal says that he ought not concern as he would circulate 200 and fifty cards on his wedding, they go to a house yet it is bolted when they see Gupta, Chedilal gets stressed and he says he heard there is a wedding and assuming he is in need of cash, he ought to likewise sell his second shop on the grounds that the check is prepared, Chedilal getting distraught clarifies that he is the individual who battles the issues and would likewise win and repurchase the shop which he offered to him, he would likewise purchase every one of the shops in their path, eh even gives a card, at that point they go to a shop where he begins conversing with the retailer when Asthik sees Bubbly who begins to get heartfelt with him, he gets apprehensive when Chedilal welcomes them all to the wedding.

In the house the specialist inquires as to whether the wild ox would hit him, Grandfather says nothing would happen in light of the fact that it is her wedding, he says that the would get her hitched to a cow anyway they uncover that she is going to be hitched to Aparshakti who is their senior sibling, Appu comes asking Sargam what dress should he wear, she recommends the Maroon tone yet Sushmita gets distraught, Alukik says that she doesnot like the Maroon tone and he should then wear the brilliant tone, Sargam inquires as to whether he isn’t perceiving how furious she is nevertheless Alukik says she should likewise assign Sushmita to appreciate, Appu orders him to quiet down and leaves when the decorator says that the decision of bison is better then Sargam anyway he goes to change.

The journalists reach outside the house and clarify they have caught wind of the second marriage yet in the general public a young fellow has given his heart to a wild ox and will wed her, he asks Chedilal what was the explanation for it and on the off chance that they are welcomed, Asthik uncovers they have not gotten the card after which they surge inside the house, Appu asks how could they get the wedding card, Eklawya is stressed over what might he do as the wedding word would get out like a fire after which his companions would ridicule him, Sargam requests that Asthik shut the windows so the columnists at any rate can’t see the wedding. Chedilal asks from baba je in the event that he didn’t converse with the correspondents since they don’t have the foggiest idea who called the Baba inquires as to whether they have arranged for the wedding and starts inquiring as to whether they brought the sarree for the lady.

Chedilal says that he has additionally positioned eleven rupees at which baba says that he should put some more so Chedilal places 100, Baba at that point requests that he place 5,000 in the other thali hearing which Chedilal falls due to anxiety and even Grandfather inquires as to whether he ought to get up yet then at long last places the cash in the thali. Sargam is in the kitchen truly stressed when Eklawya comes who says that he likewise feels the Baba is phony since he additionally gave the answer for the individual and he lost all his hair, Sargam specifies he has brought the correct proof so now they would uncover reality, Sargam going out clarifies that the Baba is truly promising and she ahs gotten a video of on of his fan so would show them, she shows the video to Chedilal and saying clarifies that the Baba assuming phony.

He getting up clarifies that in the event that she was astute would have seen the video unmistakably in light of the fact that he advised the individual to wear the purple tone yet he is wearing some unacceptable tone due to which the guidance didn’t work, Baba clarifies that he would now remain in their home till the wedding closures and make sure that every one of; the ceremonies occur with no issue and on the off chance that there is any issue, he would ie in the hotel, Alukik requests that he not pass on here on the grounds that this is the place where they have tea, he cautions them to not test his insight, Chedilal apologizes for what Sargam said clarifying it is on the grounds that she cares very much for them all, Chedilal at that point requests that Sargam not be concerned in light of the fact that the Baba gave the arrangement due to which he got the request for a great deal of saree and even Asha got individuals for his gathering which has not at any point occurred

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