Sanjivani 2nd Mar 2020 Episode Written Update (2/3/2020)


Sanjivani 2nd March 2020 Written Episode Update, Star Bharat Serial “Sanjivani 2 March 2020 Written Update”on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: NV and Ishani make a deal

Air Date: 2 March 2020

Full Written Update: Sanjivani 2/3/2020 Episode Start with everyone taking a gander at a Sid who can’t walk appropriately. He is going to fall and the blade in his grasp is going to hit Ishani yet NV holds him on schedule and asks Rahil to remove him. Rahil does that.

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Bitto asks Dadi what this’ identity was. Dadi discloses to her that it’s a patient who is getting treated in the emergency clinic and asks her not to stress.

Rahil tells NV and Ishani that Sid will get cognizant tomorrow as it were. NV feels that Sid must be steady for the medical procedure yet his condition has exacerbated after this. Additionally Ishani says the equivalent in the wake of checking reports. Rahil says they will let him take rest till morning and leaves.

Ishani sees NV’s hand draining and gets stressed. She causes him to sit and brings emergency treatment box. She treats the injury saying that it is extremely profound. NV says that it is profound to the point that it must be felt. He is going to leave yet Ishani stops him. He wants for her to prevent him from leaving from her life as well and gazes at her while she gauzes the injury.

He expresses gratitude toward her once she is finished.

Ishani says that circumstance has allowed her chance to do his emergency treatment when once he had halted her. NV wishes that circumstance offers him a chance to make everything right as well. Ishani says that he doesnt discover anybody right separated from himself.

Ishani finds a good pace that she has treated his injuries yet shouldn’t something be said about her injuries which Sid has continued giving her and now he is reprimanding her for deceiving him. She says that she has been gotten enough discipline so now she will make Sid fine and cause him to acknowledge who is the person who merits discipline. NV looks on.

Later Ishani goes into in the room and gets stunned seeing that it’s totally enhanced. NV comes inside as well. Ishani is going to slip yet NV holds her. Bitto and Dadi come and Dadi discloses to NV that Bitto had orchestrated this yet they didn’t have the foggiest idea about this will occur.

Bitto says that she pondered beginning a family since it’s their third commemoration. NV says it was a taxing day and they are worn out so requests that they leave and rest also. They leave.

NV sees Ishani taking a gander at the embellished bed and requests that her overlook it however she begins wrecking everything. NV attempts calimg her down. She is going to take pills yet NV grabs them from her hands and says that she can’t have the medication. He will not give it back to her in spite of she demands so she winds up going on bed and resting. NV lies on bed as well and switches off light.

Ishani finds a workable pace while and sees that NV is shuddering. She carries cover and covers him with that. She likewise gets water and material and gets into wet fabric NV’s head since he has fever. She feels that he needs rest and needs to avoid worry also.

The following morning Dadi changes NV’s tie. He asks her not to stress and have tolerance as he will make everything fine. He wipes her tears and asks her not to cry or else he won’t work in the workplace and individuals will say he is definitely not a decent CEO.

Dadi says that she is pleased with her for taking care of Sid like this notwithstanding being in such a large number of issues. She says that she is going to gurudwara and will petition God for him with the goal that he can tackle his issues and get solidarity to confront life. She requests that he drop her in gurudwara. NV accpets and thinks he needs both her and God’s favors.

Later Ishani and NV are in office. NV sees that she appears to be disturbed and inquires as to whether she needs espresso or something different. She can’t. He gives her Sid’s document and says that Rahil revealed to him that his circulatory strain expanded the previous evening.

He includes that he comprehends it is uncalled for her since he was accusing her however they need to recollect that he has lost his memory and she will have the option to pose her inquiries once he is fine as it were. He sees that she continues looking to a great extent anxiously and inquires as to whether she is fine. Ishani says that she just needs Sid to get fine and asks him not to stress.

She requests that NV give her back the medication he took from her last night. NV causes her to sit and sits before her. He asks NV from when she is taking these pills. Ishani will not reveal to him anything and requests that he give her back her vitamines. NV says that overdose of medication can hurt the individual.

Ishani goes ballistic and holds his feet asking her medication. He cannot and says that he needn’t bother with any medication which breaks her certainty. She implores him to give her medication back. NV proposes an arrangement as indicated by which he will give her pills back once Sid’s pulse gets ordinary. Ishani requests that he guarantee that. He guarantees her that.

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