Sanjivani 27th Feb 2020 Episode Written Update (27/2/2020)


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Air Date: 27 February 2020

Full Written Update: Sanjivani 27/2/2020 Episode Start with Ishaani incensed at NV for seeing her unable as a specialist. She is needs to refute him and gets hyper. In her hyper mode she rips off the cushion. She gathers the cotton back and takes a stab at sewing the cushion yet she was unable to do it with her shuddering hands.

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She takes her downturn pills once more. She believes that how might she substantiate herself when she can’t do a basic sewing. She chooses to rehearse well to demonstrate her self before NV. NV comes there and discovers her sewing. He’s going to enter yet reviews her condition. He wants for her to refute him by turning into a competent specialist.

Following day Sid is arranging a shock for Ishaani and Ishaani comes there. She discovers Sid getting pained by daylight and pulls the visually impaired. Sid has a go at playing with Ishaani however Ishaani focused uniquely on his wellbeing. She says that he needs to turn out to be progressively solid before medical procedure and in this way ought to follow certain eating regimen. She discloses an eating regimen diagram to him yet Sid is an excessive amount of associated with ogling at her.

Rahil comes there and Ishaani solicits him to rake care from Sid’s physiotherapy. Sid approaches her to remain for him however Ishaani leaves coming up with rationalization that she is occupied. Sid clarifies Rahil about his amazement for Ishaani as three years back he proposed Ishaani that day. Rahil concurs and Sid is energized for the shock.

Bebe and Bittu comes to medical clinic. Bebe asks Bitty for what reason they are here when Bittu uncovers that it’s NV and Ishaani’s third marriage commemoration. Bebe condemns herself for overlooking such significant day.

Bittu says that she has arranged amazement for them in emergency clinic while Bebe stresses that imagine a scenario in which Sid finds a workable pace it. She takes a stab at halting yet she doesn’t tune in. Ishaani comes to Rishab and requests that his authorization assume control more than one of his case.

Rishab insults her when NV comes there and sends Rishab out. He says that she’s not yet fit to deal with patients and asks her not to do as such. Ishaani kicks back and begins rehearsing again by sewing a banana. She calls him resolute and says she was unable to comprehend him by any means. NV says that she could comprehend him just on the off chance that she truly needs to know him.

Bebe and Bittu comes there and praises for their commemoration. They takes favoring from Bebe and Bittu blessings them an espresso cup with NavIsha scratched on it. Ishaani is going to drop it however Sid spares it. Bebe and Bittu leaves saying that they’ve more shock made arrangements for them.

Nv likewise leaves and calls Bebe in private and requests that her prevent Bittu from doing any insane stuffs as Sid may find a workable pace it. Bebe says she took a stab at clarifying her a great deal however she’s not tuning in. She asks him not to stress. Rahil illuminates NV about Sid’s shock for Ishaani. Nv is incensed however consents to it.

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