Sanjivani 12th Mar 2020 Episode Written Update (12/3/2020)


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Episode Name: Sid Is Arrested

Air Date: 12 March 2020

Full Written Update: Sanjivani 12/3/2020 Episode Start with Ishani said I should talk to you. NV said we would talk after the puja. They burned Holika and pray. Ishani holding hands and walking around Holika. NV says I know what you want, you will get it. He asks if you say anything. He said I will keep my promise, as you fulfill your promises. He asks what you mean. She said I love you and marry you, do not know when I fell in love, I never said that, it is useless to say that together, we had a deal and now I will give it to you, I don ‘t like that word , freedom is yours, you can do it anytime you want, I have signed the papers. He cries. Mami said he really divorced Ishani. Sid fainted down. Rahil shouted. NV and Ishani run to him. He asks how she fainted. NV said that we will take to the hospital. Mama and Mami remember eating candy spiked to Sid.

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Rahil says I’m going to Sid tonight. Sid says I need to talk to you. Mama says you need to rest. Ishani says yes, you need a break. Sid says listen to me. Rahil say thank down, your doctor and know imp recovery after surgery. Her morning, Bittu will ask you to leave us and go. Ishani say no, I will not leave you all and NV, today I will apply to him and tore gulaal divorce papers, I want to be here in this beautiful house. Rahil says you have passed out by some medications. Sid asks what. He was checking the report. Rahil say someone wants to hurt you. Sid asks who. Mama and Mami look at. Rahil says we must report the police. Sid says yes, I will not be silent now, I remember the thugs, I must tell the truth to Ishani, I am sure that he will come with me to the police station.

Mami said we had to stop Sid from going to the police. He said the plans. Mama smiled. He went to ask Sid why he did not come in mandap. He said the thugs attacked me. He said that if you tell the reason for Ishani, perhaps you can both go back together, which is about your happiness, comes in holi party. Sid says I will do as you say, thank you very much, this means a lot. She goes. Ishani want to Bebe and Bittu for holi. He came to NV and say happy holi. NV said holi unhappy. He asked would not you apply the color. He thought I wanted to take care of your happiness, will you give me a chance. He takes color. Sid came. NV stop and go see Sid. Sid apply color to it. He was angry and left. Bebe told me just to come.

Mami said that both Ishani do not want to talk to Sid. Ishani go after NV. Mami ask Sid did not speak at home, to see him in Dharamsala and told her everything. thanks to its sid. She asks him to go fast. Sid went. Mami said after they reached Dharamshala, thugs and fake police will deal with this issue. He called Mama. He said everything was done. Bittu calls NV and said Ishani going to find you, to say that he did not want a divorce. NV ask what, I’m coming. Ishani kidnapped.

Bebe asked them to leave him. Thugs push Bebe. Sid sees this and runs to her rescue. The man said he was kidnapped and you have your say this. The asking you crazy, how’d you come. NV and Bittu comes with Rahil. Ishani NV out of the car. Sid told me not to send. Ishani Sid retorted. He says you have me kidnapped, you would do this to talk to me. She scolds Rahil well. Sid says you are wrong, I do not know them, someone is trying to trick us again. NV ask malicious people to tell the truth, who sent it. goon said I was kidnapped him on this proverb. Sid says listen to me, I do not do this. Mama got the police. Thugs run. Mama asks inspectors to catch Sid. Sid will be arrested. Mama asked me why I would do this by Ishani, I just came to see him. Sid and Rahil arrested. Mama had bribed inspectors. He smiled. NV asks you fine. Ishani shouts. He said we would return.

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