Samir Soni Was Afraid Of Dharmendra: This artist was afraid to touch Hema Malini during the shoot due to fear of beating Dharmendra


New Delhi, JNN.L movie actor Sameer Soni has said in an interview that he was afraid to touch film actress Hema Malini during the shooting of the film Baghban. The reason behind this is that he felt that the film actor and Hema for doing so Malini’s husband Dharmendra will beat him. On this occasion Sameer Soni also said that he was very excited working with Hema Malini.

The film was directed by Ravi Chopra. In an interview, Sameer Soni said that when he was giving the first shot with Hema Malini, he was afraid to put his hand on Hema Malini’s waist and shoulder. They thought that Dharmendra would beat Hema Malini on touching her. When Hema Malini saw Sameer Soni’s hesitation, she talked to him and put it away during rehearsal.

Sameer said in an interview saying, ‘In my first scene with Hema Malini, we had to show that all their children have come together on the Holi party. This scene was very simple but I got to see Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini Feeling stressed on becoming a parent. I was looking at Amitabh Bachchan as my father. Hema Malini ji looked very beautiful. During the rehearsal I was not able to put my hands on Hema Malini’s waist or shoulder. I was scared. Was because I was afraid that Dharmendra ji would beat me. After the first rehearsal I asked Hema ji that if I put my hands on his shoulder, he would not have any problem. After that Hema said, ‘No’ and I got stress free. ‘

Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini played an important role in the film Baghban.This is the story of old parents who spend everything for their children but mean children want to leave them and get rid of them. The film came in 2003 and was super hit.


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