Jalandhar (Web Desk) – The number of people infected with the ‘corona virus’ is increasing in the country. As a result, the date of lock down has now been extended to 3 May. Bollywood stars are constantly appealing to their fans to avoid the virus. Actor Salman Khan is also leaving no stone unturned in making people aware. Recently, once again Salman released the video urging people to stay home and use caution. Salman Khan has released a video through his social media account. In the video, Salman Khan says that the real-life ‘Bigg Boss’ has begun. When ‘Corona’ came to our country in the beginning, it seemed like a normal owl, but after ‘lock down’ it got serious. Salman Khan said that I have a whole family with me at my farmhouse.

Salman further said, “I have made a rule under which no one can come or go to our farmhouse. He told me that once I sent my friend a vegetable so he was stopped by the police as he took off the mask and spoke to the police. Salman Khan said it was his fault that he should not have done so. Salman Khan said that if he is not careful, he will become a ‘corona’. The person will spread the corona in his family and neighborhood. If you want to pray, read it at home and if you want to worship then do it at home. That is what God had in us all. If you go to the house of Allah and God with your family then get out of the house. ”

Salman Khan also criticized those who did not follow the directions of Salkar and the police. They said that if you followed the ‘lock down’ correctly, everything would have been fine by now. The police are not killing anyone. Policemen, bankers and doctors have been working for us 18-18 hours. You are stoning doctors and health department staff who come to check on you. Some people feel that they will not have ‘corona’, but some jokers are spreading the disease. There are 2 aspects to everything. There are also 2 of these, one is that we all live, the other is none. Salman Khan further said that such a situation should not come if you had to call the military to explain it.


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