Sadhu had 5 marriages, forced to do body trade


Shahjahanpur: The word ‘ Sadhu’ generally means ‘gentleman’ who guides the society. Sadhus in India are seen with a pious view. But a news has come from Shahjahanpur. Where the monk of the sadhu became a monk is revealed. The accused monk has done not one or two but 5 marriages. Not only this, he also used to give women injections of drugs and forced them to do body trade.

A drug injection was given to trap
The anguished women said that a young man named Anuj Chetan Saraswati as a hermit, he takes women into his trap by doing tantra lore. The women allege that this monk has done 5 marriages so far. It is alleged that after injecting him into his trap, he used to give him injections and force him to do body trade. Not only this, a woman who does not listen to him is beaten up. The women say that one of his wives has committed suicide, while other wives have left him.

DIG gave strict action against the accused
In this case, DIG Rajesh Kumar Pandey says that some women of Shahjahanpur came to him. He has accused Anuj Chetan Saraswati that he has done 5 marriages. The women have also shown some photographs, on the basis of which it appears that the accused monk treats inhuman women. Taking the matter seriously, the DIG has directed strict action against the accused Sadhu. Shahjahanpur Police has been asked to submit the report of the investigation within three days.


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