Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 20 February 2021 Episode Written Update (20/02/2021)

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Written Updates

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 20th Feb 2021 Written Episode Update, Star Plus TV Serial “Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 20 February 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Anant helps Gehna to study for her test

Air Date: 20 February 2021

Full Written Update: Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 20/02/2021 Episode Start with Hema advises Gehna to go along with them in gathering. Gehna denied her idiom she has some work to do. Hema asks she needs to do sewing for sure and says she previously become best little girl in law. Kanak advises her to go in the event that she has work. Gehna leaves from that point. Kanak requests that Hiral go along with them. Hema serves beverages and snacks to Hiral. Hiral asks will she give share in property or not. Everybody stuns hearing her.

Anant sees that Gehna concentrating however she tied her hair in the window so he asks her that for what valid reason she tied her hair in the window. She says in her town kids used to contemplate like this just while learning around evening time. He unfastens it saying she needs to drink espresso on the off chance that she doesn’t need rest to ruin her examinations. She says she did gigantic slip-up today and asks is he still furious on him. He concedes that he is irate on her and says everybody utilizing her and she let them do that.

She says Kanak said she will offer medication to Praful. He asks how might she trust Kanak’s words when she knows nothing about duty and they couldn’t care less about others. He offers espresso to her and advises her to focus on her investigations. While contacting her hand he sees that she has fever and takes her with him.

Dashrath advises Chetan to prepare for later and says Praful has 30crore properties so each of the three can get their 10crore offer. Hema stuns hearing the estimation of properties.

Praful awakens and Jamuna says she will call others however he stops her truism he is fine and informs her concerning his horrible saying their children requested their offer from property. She says she believes her childhood and she is certain that her children will not ask something to that effect never and informs him to not concern regarding it. Anant deal with Gehna. Gehna says now she is fine and attempted to get up saying she needs to contemplate. He advises her to lay on the bed just and encourages her to contemplate.

Following day, Anant and Gehna goes out. Dashrath says it’s useful for them since they needs to execute their arrangement today. Pankaj and Chetan couldn’t ready to get some information about their to Praful. Gehna daydreams Anant while composing test.

Kanak admonishes Pankaj for not saying anything before Praful and says he is futile. Dashrath says they doesn’t have guts. Hema concurs with him and insults Chetan, Pankaj. Kanak compromises Pankaj to get some information about a lot of property.

Anant asks Gehna that how she did her test. Instructor who came there says result is out and Gehna passed. Anant gives wellbeing test structure to Pankaj and Chetan. Dashrath advises them to sign in the wake of understanding it. Praful inquires as to why he is saying this way. Gehna offers espresso to Anant.

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