Saaho Movie Review: Tremendous action weak story ‘Saaho’

Saaho Movie Review

Saho is the story of a thief and a soldier. But it takes time to understand who is a thief and who is a soldier. And it gets interpolated. And till this time it seems that the thief is the police. And yes, one more thing. Jo Chor Hai is the real hero of this film. Famous actor Prabhash of Bahubali has become Saaho in it. They have become police for half the time. He has a wonderful role in both the roles. The action is also fantastic. But the uproar of this film is such a film? Not at all.

There is no life in its story. There is a person named Rai who runs an International Crime Syndicate. He is killed one day. Now in this syndicate, the battle starts as to who will replace Rai? Will Rai’s son succeed Syndicate in his place? But who is Rai’s son, it is also a matter of mystery. What is initially described as Rai’s son turns out to be the son of a loyal Rai’s son. But why all this drama was played? Because the story has to be curved and new action sequences are introduced. Scenes from Mumbai to other countries are also to be shown. Goons and Mavalis from West to African countries have to be shown.

Prabhash has fans all over the country because of Bahubali. He also has a huge fan following in Hindi audiences. But they do not freeze in this film. The reason for this is that their dialogue is not effective. It means to say that they do not seem to communicate Hindi actor. These dialogues are dubbed to someone. Still Taliya is found. The songs of the film are also not settling on the lips. The songs filmed on Shraddha Kapoor and Prabhash create miracles but do not touch the heart.

Saaho is an expensive film. 350 crore is its cost. Will you earn this much? Maybe even earn it because it is made in Telugu and Tamil in addition to Hindi. And its making is amazing. However, it can be said that in some cases it is powerful in some cases and average in some.


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