Revealed: The incident of firing on the LAC, which took place even before the talks between the Indo-Chinese ministers, took place in Pangong So firing 200 rounds


Tensions between India and China at LAC in Ladakh are increasing. It has now been revealed that there was a firing incident between the two forces on the Finger Area near the northern shore of Pangong So before the Indian and Chinese Foreign Minister’s meeting on 10 September in Moscow, Russia. This firing was also fierce than that firing of the Chushul sub-sector from September 7, about which the armies of the two countries have officially issued statements and accused each other.

According to a government official aware of the case, the incident occurred when the two forces were patrolling the Finger area to capture more. The officer said that the place where finger-3 and finger-4 are found, 100-200 rounds were fired from both sides. Let us know that neither China nor India has been disclosed about this incident so far, whereas before the incident of firing in the Chushul sector, there was escalation in both the countries.

Explain that the stress on LAC is now more than ever. Meanwhile, a meeting of the Corps Commander level is to take place soon between the two armies. According to the officer, the level of tension is no longer the same as it was in the first week of September, as there was a sharp stir on the northern and southern sides of Pagong Soo in September and there have been several firing incidents in the region since then.

Three incidents of firing on LAC so far: According to the information, three incidents of firing have occurred between India and the Chinese Army on LAC located in Ladakh, where official statements about the firing of Chushul sector came. At the end of August, an incident of firing was also revealed in the Mukpari. Now the incident of firing 100-200 rounds at Pangong So before the meeting of foreign ministers is the third such case in a very short time.

Confirming this, the officer said that a small incident had happened earlier, about which our soldiers did not think it necessary to tell. Only a few rounds were fired in this incident in Mukpari area and a day later we came to know about it. But now there has been an aerial firing on the ground joining Finger-3 and Finger-4 on the northern side of Pangong So.

China has been buoyed by India’s footsteps: The officer said that India had come into a win-win situation after capturing the high peaks on the LAC on August 29-30. However, the Chinese Army is constantly trying to repel the Indian Army. In early September, the Indian Army was changing its position on the northern side of Pangong So (the Chinese Army is present in the Finger-4 area here). Meanwhile, there was a firing incident between the two. The two armies are present at a distance of just 500 meters at this place.

However, the situation has returned to normal in Moscow after the talks between the defense minister and then the foreign ministers. There has been some decrease in China’s aggressive attitude, but it is still present at Finger-4. However, in the meantime, the level of discussion to reduce tensions in both countries has gone up. Military commander-level talks will continue in both countries, but there will be no major conclusions.


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