Report filed against Janta Gurudev Ashram’s Mahant Pankaj Baba 14


Mathura: Mahant Pankaj Baba of Jai Gurudev Ashram has been accused of taking property worth thousands of crores of the temple. Rampratap, who is said to be the vice president and senior trustee of the institution, has filed a report against 14 others along with Mahanta at the police station highway.

After the death of Sant Tulsidas (Baba Jai ​​Gurudev), his driver Pankaj Yadav, along with many others including his brother Neeraj Yadav, made a willful possession of Baba Jaigurudev Ashram and related assets worth thousands of crores. is. Jai himself became the Mahant of the temple.

Pankaj Yadav has described himself as the chairman and pracharak of the Jayagurudev Dharm Prakashik Trust on a fake will. Under this, it was done in collusion with officers and employees of various banks. Huge funds are being withdrawn from the accounts of the institution and the trust. The assets of the institution and trust are also being used illegally for their own benefit.

SSP Shalabh Mathur said that an investigation has been registered after investigation in the police station highway. A case has been registered against Pankaj Yadav and others. The amount has been withdrawn from the trust accounts based on fake documents. Further cases will be looked at on merits.


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