Ration finished in homes, women living in slums reached Nagar Panchayat Pradhan’s house


Bhulattha: Due to Corona virus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has imposed curfew in the entire country for the next 21 days. In view of this, all services have been provided by the Punjab Government to the Deputy Commissioners of all districts, so that the common people can get relief. In contrast, no facility has been reached in Bhulattha yet.

The latest example of this was seen when the slum dwellers and household rations reached the residence of Ved Prakash Khurana, the head of Nagar Panchayat Bhulattha, at the beginning of the third day of curfew. He told Pradhan Ved Prakash Khurana that the ration in our homes is over. Nor were they allowed to go to work either. We do not even have money for ration now. Our bread should be managed. Overseas women said that no service was provided to us by the administration. Principal Ved Prakash Khurana told about this. It will be negotiated with D. M. Bhulattha. They will be helped.


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