Ramlala’s chief priest Acharya Satyendradas worsened, admitted in PGI Ayodhya News


Lucknow, JNN. The health of Acharya Satyendradas, the head priest of Ramlala, worsened on Monday. He has been admitted to Lucknow-based PGI. He was admitted to PGI due to problems of blood pressure and diabetes.

He is undergoing treatment at the PGI under the supervision of Dr. Sushil Gupta, a doctor in the endocrine department. At the moment he is completely fine. In addition to X-ray, ECG, the eye has also been examined.

Acharya Satyendra Das, 75 years old, has been the chief architect of Ramlala since 1992. According to his disciple, last night he suffered from high blood pressure and diabetes, after which he has been admitted to PGI. At the same time, sages and saints have wished him a speedy recovery.


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