Railways announced to run 40 clone trains, see complete list, know- how you will get benefit


The Ministry of Railways has announced that 20 pairs of clone trains will be run from September 21 in the country. These trains will be different from those 310 special trains, which have been involved in the movement of passengers since the announcement of the unlock. This is the first time that clone trains will be added to India’s rail network. Reservation for these trains will start from 19 September.

Let us know that the Railway Ministry had said earlier this month that it will launch the clone train on the routes where the seats are filling up fast and for this reason the clone trains will be run on the basis of the waitlist. The clone train will be involved in the operation just like the special train. But their stoppage and travel time will be different from special trains.

Reservation of these trains will start 10 days in advance: In a statement issued by the ministry, “Due to the huge demand for travel on some special routes, 20 pairs (40 trains) of clone special trains will be run. These trains will run on notified timings and will be fully reserved trains. Their stops will be limited. Also, the reservation of these trains will also be started 10 days in advance. ”

Clone trains will run at a faster speed than the spation train: The Ministry further said, “Clone trains will be run on routes where there is a high demand for travel. Clone trains were never run in the history of Indian Railways. These cloned trains will be mainly AC trains and will go ahead of the already running special trains. The operation of these cloned trains will be widely publicized for anticipated passengers. These trains will run faster than the special trains already running. ”

Fare will be equal to Humsafar trains: According to Railways, the fare for 19 out of 20 pairs of clone trains will be equal to Humsafar Express, while the fare of one Lucknow-Delhi Clone Special will be equal to the Jan-Shatabdi Express. Apart from this, Humsafar and Janshatabdi trains will also be used for their operation.


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