Railway took 3-hour block without informing, commuters created ruckus at junction


Jind (Himanshu): Railways took a 3-hour block at Jind Junction Yard between Delhi-Bathinda rail line without informing. Due to this, the train going from Jind to Kurukshetra was left for Kurukshetra after 3 hours. Due to lack of information about the passengers of the block, the patience of the passengers broke and they got off the train and started a commotion at the junction. Not only this, when the passengers tried to learn about this after getting off the train, the officers’ rooms were also closed.

Passengers had even got into an argument with the guard of the train for keeping the car standing at the station for a long time. Passengers breathed a sigh of relief after driving the train 3 hours later. However, in this case, railway officials say that due to the maintenance of electric line maintenance work in Jind Yard, the line was blocked. The work of maintenance of electric line at Jind yard near Jind junction on Delhi-Baxthda railway line was done by the Railways late Thursday. This work lasted for about 3 hours.

Railway traffic remained completely closed between these 3 hours and trains were kept standing at stations at the front and back from Jind. The train going from Jind to Kurukshetra at 5:35 pm was also flagged off from Jind at 8.30. After standing on the Jind junction to Kurukshetra for more than an hour, the passengers got into a lot of trouble and they got down from the train. When the passengers tried to learn about this, they did not get any satisfactory answer and started a ruckus at the junction itself.

Apart fro this train, train number 54035 which runs from Delhi towards Jakhal has also been kept standing at Bishanpura station and train number 74014 Delhi Kurukshetra DEMU. Was also kept standing at Bishanpura station. These trains were dispatched only after the traffic was restored. Among the passengers who got down from the train going from Jind to Kurukshetra, Sunil, Subhash, Rakesh, Vineet, Praveen, Lokesh, Naveen, Bhadra, Sachhan, Gaurav, Kavita, Poonam, Sunita said that neither was announced nor in the inquiry office A notice was placed that today the block has been taken, the train will go late.


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