Rahul Gandhi said, not just lockdown solution to fight Corona, big preparation will have to be done


National Desk: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that lockdown is not the only way to prevent corona, medical facilities will have to be increased for this and maximum testing will also have to be increased. Rahul Gandhi held a press conference on Thursday through video conferencing and said that when he comes out of lockdown, the effect will start to show again. The lockdown will only give you one time so that you can prepare.

Rahul Gandhi said that to defeat Corona, the number of tests will have to be increased and work will be done ahead of the virus. Rahul said that my point should not be taken as a criticism but in a constructive way and everyone has to work together to defeat Corona. During the press conference, Rahul said that we are in a serious situation, all political parties have to come together.

Also Rahul Gandhi gave many suggestions to Modi government. Rahul said that to defeat Corona, we have to work on two levels, first – at the economy level and second – at the medical level. Rahul has advised the Modi government to adopt the Kerala-Wayanad model. Rahul said that the real fight against Corona is fighting the state governments and district administration. The central government should help the state governments and the district administration.

Please tell that the interim president of Congress, Sonia Gandhi, also wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the past, in which he gave some suggestions to the government on the Corona crisis. Sonia Gandhi in her letter had suggested several issues including ban on foreign travel of ministers and leaders from the government, free ration to the poor, ban on government advertisements.


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