RadhaKrishn October 7 2019 Episode Written Update “Lakshman Attacks Shoorpanakha”

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RadhaKrishn 07/10/2019 Written Episode Update, RadhaKrishn October 7 2019 Episode “Lakshman Attacks Shoorpanakha” Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name : Lakshman Attacks Shoorpanakha

Episode Air Date : 7 October 2019

Shurpanakha wants to kill Rama. Smash apologizes to his adorable as he is now taking a hiccup and summons Sita and presents her. Shurpanakha asks her to get her brother. Laxman says that it is external because he is here to serve his brother and sister. Shurpanakha changed into asuras and said that she is Shurpanakha, the sister of Ravana and in the event that they do not follow her, she will kill Sita. He kills Sita. Lakshmana secures Sita and cuts off Shurpanakha’s nose. Shurpanakha yells that he circled her. Laxman says that women cannot misuse their excellence and it is an exercise for every self-important woman. Krishna goes on with his story. Yashoda says that now she is sure that she can sell every product she has. Persons gather from 108 cities. Balaram announced that they would now see a notable attraction. Akrur asks his

अThe information can tell how these people came here, on the occasion that they are not afraid of their lives. Troopers State intimidated him, yet Balaram welcomed him. Kansa stands in his royal residence when he learns that Krishna also crushed Asura Mahamaya.

Radha asks Krishna what he will do now. Individuals sought Krishna to demonstrate his attraction as a guarantee. Balaram additionally requests to get something, otherwise the person will not spare them. Krishna indicates splendid salt in the sky and gives entry to individuals. Individuals said they did not see such attraction in their lives. Krishna says that he did not do any action, his Kansa who provoked Indradev and did this act. Ayan says that he is lying and Akrur returns him. Individuals heard that Kansa is against this market. Radha says that there are no flowers to worship Durga Maa. Akrur says that the flower disappeared due to the fraud of Krishna. Krishna says that Maharaj Kamsa has done unusual deeds and takes them to an excellent lake with a delightful lotus blossom on them. Kansa said that it was constructed in the medium term and named it Kusum Sarovar. Radha thinks that Krishna calls her Kusum and thinks who this Krishna really is. Individuals say that if Kansa is supporting this market, individuals from each of the 108 cities will make it a great issue. Ayan says that Krishna is lying, and Akrur says that Kansa will never do this and that he will get a vow from him. Ayan says that he should send Krishna to Kamsa at this time. Nanda says this cannot happen and they should hold till Navratri. Ayan says that he should send Krishna to Kamsa at this time. Nanda says this cannot happen and they should hold till Navratri. Ayan says that he should send Krishna to Kamsa at this time. Nanda says this cannot happen and they should hold till Navratri.

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Akrur orders Ayan to incite Barsana’s men against Krishna and does not hold Krishna like men do to women. Krishna walks for Akrur and says that his understanding is right, yet his method is wrong. Akrur states that his path is towards Mathura, reversing from the path of Krishna and though he realizes that Krishna is divine and will end Kamsa, he should leave the seduction. Krishna says that he needs to be taken to the right path of truth and salvation, and so forth. Akrur says that his religion is just to chase Kansa and leave from there. Krishna said that he would change his path soon.

Precap: Radha starts the story of Rama and Sita. Balarama asks Krishna that he was portraying the story, to the point how Radha is going ahead with it. Krishna tells his Radha story.


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