RadhaKrishn 4 February 2021 Episode Written Update (4/02/2021)

RadhaKrishn Written Updates

RadhaKrishn 4th Feb 2021 Written Episode Update, Star Bharat TV Serial “RadhaKrishn 4 February 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

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Air Date: 4 February 2021

Full Written Update: RadhaKrishn 4/02/2021 Episode Start with Radha meets Krishna and inquires as to whether he truly needs to go to Patal lok. He says he can’t abandon her authorization. She says how might she grant him. Laxmana tells war has finished, however Sam hasn’t got back from Patal lok yet. Jamvati gets strained for Sam. Laxmana reminds her Krishna’s guarantee to bring Sam back securely from Patal lok. Radha reveals to Krishna that she heard that incredible beasts stay in Patal lok, so how might she let him go there. Jamvati enters and says he needs to go as he had guaranteed her to bring back Sam securely. Krishna requests that she quiet down as there is no sign that Sam is at serious risk. She says he can meet Sam however and guarantee that he is fine.

Radha asks how might she be so visually impaired in child’s affection that she needs to chance Krishna’s life, Krishna concurred as Sam argued for an opportunity. Jamvati says Krishna can do without from his guarantee. Krishna discloses to Radha that he needs to go as he additionally guaranteed Devi Aditi to battle with Bali and annihilation him. Radha inquires as to whether its so vital. He says he is limited by a guarantee. Radha says even she will go with him as not just their bodies, their spirits are one. Balram enters and says neither of them go, he will go rather as he is Krishna’s sibling and in a roundabout way Indra’s, so he will satisfy Krishna’s guarantee. Krishna says he can’t release him as his forces will not work in Patal lok. Balram says he will not be so frail not to bring back Sam securely. Radha says its extremely risky for him. He says she should feel that he will proceed to return soon. Krishna says that being said. Balram says he can comprehend what is in Krishna’s heart and with his experience he says that lone he should go to Patal lok, so he won’t hear them out and the two of them will send him smilingly.

Jamvati demands Balram to check if her child is protected prior to battling with Bali. He requests that not concern as he will satisfy Krishna’s each guarantee. Krishna whishes him best of luck. Sam tells master Shukracharya that their arrangement flopped as Balram is coming to Patal lok rather than Krishna. Shukracharya says its bravo. Sam says he ought not open an entryway for Balram. Shukracharya says he will open it as Krishna will come behind Balram. Nishat and Ulmukh get concerned catching wind of Balram going to Patal lok and reveal to him that they will go all things being equal. Balram says he is likewise a fighter like them and he would have sent them in the event that it was conceivable; they should confide in their dad. They say they are pleased with their dad. Radha discloses to Balram that she is concerned for him. Balram says no one can hurt him and asks Krishna how might go to Patal lok without knowing its location, he simply realizes that its down is under a collapse water; he has sent his government agents to find that entryway.

Krishna says no compelling reason to send spies as Patal lok’s entryway opens with Shukracharya’s orders, they need not go anyplace as they are being called there. Balram inquires as to for what reason would anybody do that. Spies welcome them and advise that a way to Patal lok arose abruptly, which they never saw. Krishna says he told that they are beeing called there. Balram says whatever it is, they need to play out their obligation. They all stroll towards Patal lok entryway. Balram discloses to Radha that he will restore before long like he is going. Krishna gives him mani and inquires as to whether he believes he is in a difficult situation, he will contact him for help. Balram says he will kepe this mani as he offered it to him and will get back with Sam securely. Krishna requests him to take care from him. Balram enters Patal lok entryway and it closes. Balram enters Patal lok and feels powerless, thinks Kanha was correct that something is occurring here. Sukracharya enters with monitors. Balram says he realized no one but he can plan such thing, he ought to be prepared to battle with him.

Sukracharya says he would not like to battle with him and carried armed force to welcome him and show him something. Balram asks what he needs to show him. Sukracharya takes him along. Radha discloses to Krishna that she is concerned for Balram and shouldn’t have sent him to Patal lok. Krishna asks her not to accuse herself as Balram going to Patal lok was his destiny. She says Balram gets frail there. He says Balram may get feeble, however is extremely valiant; on the off chance that he detects peril, he will break mani and call him there. Radha says he shouldn’t go thre. Krishna solicitations to allow him. She says she feels he would fall into difficulty in the event that he goes there, so she can’t. Balram asks Sukracharya where is he taking him. Sukracharya asks him to simply follow him and demonstrating asurs says these are Patal lok’s 7 stages’ asurs and Krishna executed them all.

Balram says Krishna more likely than not executed them for their transgressions. Sukracharya cautions not to lie as Krishna guillotined his mom through sudarshan chakra. Balram says thart is on the grounds that his mom mentioned for that, Narayan himself cried from that point forward, and Krishna did equity. Sukracharya inquires as to for what reason did Krishna as Narayan baited his sister Laxmi in his affection and wedded her, he is simply securing his sibling by lying about his equity. Takshak arises and inquires as to whether he is Krishna’s sibling, Krishna showed him out of his naglog. Bali arises and says Krishna denied to give him Indralok even in the wake of performing 100 yagnas, so he will render retribution from Krishna on the off chance that he comes there. Danav raj May arises straightaway, at that point Raja Pani, at that point Vyomasur and they all say they won’t extra Krishna for slaughtering them and he will acknowledge how incredible they are. Asgasur and Keshi Danav arise straightaway and rehash same. They all chuckle.

Balram says it will occur on the off chance that they meet Kanha and they should quit draming. Shukracharya says he brought him here to show that how irate all asurs are here and need to execute Krishna. Balram says until he is alive, they can’t contact Krishna and should battle with him. A snake holds Balram. Shukracharya says this is Mahadev’s structure Hatkeshwar’s snake and when Mahadev is available here, he can’t do anything. Balram says he would prefer to pass on than calling Krishna here. Shukracharya shows Sam who argues to call Krishna here and save him. Balram says he should kick the bucket then as he believes he is with Shukracharya. Sam says asurs will murder him else.

Balram says he is paying for his transgressions. Shukracharya says he is a dolt not to call Krishna here. He takes mani from his neck and says he realizes how to call Krishna here, breaks it and says Krishna needs to come to Patal lok now; his asurs are anxious to meet Krishna, Krishna needs to satisfy guarantees made to Devi Aditi and Jamvati, he needs to secure even Balram’s life. Krishna detects mani breaking and discloses to Radha that Balram is at serious risk. Radha says what she dreaded of occurred. Krishna says Patal lok’s lords are amazing than Balram. Radha says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what to do. He says she should allow him as Nishath, Ulmukh, and everybody’s obligations are on him. She says his life will be in peril like Balram’s, so he should take Mahadev’s assistance. Krishna says no one can help him this time and he needs to battle alone.

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