RadhaKrishn 23rd September 2022 Episode Written Update (23/9/2022)


RadhaKrishn 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Star Bharat “RadhaKrishn 23 September 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Krishna Describes Relationship Between Him, Radha, And Subhadra

RadhaKrishn Air Date: RadhaKrishn 23rd September 2022

Full Written Update: RadhaKrishn 23/9/2022 Episode Start with Krishna thinks soon Radha will understand the connection between her, him, and Subhadra. Shukracharya thinks Krishna misinformed Apasmar through his enchantment and prevented him from arriving at Mahadev, he won’t allow Krishna to make ladies as mahadev and men as mahapurush. Balram reviews Apasmar projecting insidious spills on ladies and expectations Mahadev’s dance/anand nritya go on for 9 days and Krishna’s arrangement succeeds.

Radha and Subhadra furiously look for Krishna to know why he didn’t safeguard Subhadra from lake. Krishna bows down before them and won’t get up until they excuse him. Apasmar feels cerebral pain hearing Mahadev’s damru ought to and finds by means of his superpowers that Krishna deceived him. He figures he will track down Mahadev at any expense and cast spell on him to bomb Krishna’s arrangement. Shukracharya yells at Krishna seeing that.

Radha and Subhadra excuse Krishna. Krishna uncovers that he and Radha have a relationship with Subhadra in their previous existence. Radha asks which life. Krishna thinks she failed to remember everything because of Apasmar’s detestable spell. He portrays a story when they were Smash and Seeta and Ravan had hijacked Seeta. Rakshasis/disasters inconvenience Seeta and insult her that Smash will be crushed by Meghnadh today without a doubt. Trijata shows rakshasis and petitions God for Slam’s triumph. Seeta expresses gratitude toward her and says she is a devi. Radha asks how is Subhadra connected with this story. Krishna says in the last option part of the story and proceeds with story where rakshasis bring a wedding clothing for Seeta and lie to her that Megnadh crushed Smash and presently she ought to wed Ravan.

Shukracharya attempts to assist Apasmar with his dark wizardry. Balram implores Mahadev, yet Mahadev occupied in dance can’t pay attention to him. Krishna’s quill returns clearing the defensive boundary around Mahadev. Shukracharya requests that Apasmar head towards Mahadv’s damru sound. Apasmar says he can hear damru sound, now is the ideal time to project spell on Mahadev and bomb Krishna’s arrangement.

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