Qurbaan Hua 31 December 2020 Episode Written Update (31/12/2020)

Qurbaan Hua Written Update

Qurbaan Hua 31st Dec 2020 Written Episode Update, Zee TV Serial “Qurbaan Hua 31 December 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Chahat Pressurizes Meera To Take The Responsiblity Of The Dhiani Family

Air Date: 31 December 2020

Full Written Update: Qurbaan Hua 31/12/2020 Episode Start with

Neel says he adores Meera which makes Chahat hurt and she heads inside. Neel reveals to Meera that he said this as he needs to hurt Chahat so she goes out as a Muslim young lady can not have a future in his home and he doesn’t need her to fall in a tough situation. He likewise admits that he has changed a ton and he loves remaining here and performing his responsibilities here and in the event that she actually needs to turn into his better half, at that point she should remain in Dev Prayag after marriage as he won’t leave Vyas ji and Kripa. In the interim Naveli and Mami examine that Aalekh will before long become mahant as Vyas ji has developed old. However, Aalekh comes out of frustration and requests that they not keep these high expectation in the wake of seeing what Chahat did today.

Aalekh says that in the event that things proceed with like this, at that point Neel will turn into the following mahant which he can’t let occur at any expense. He says he will utilize Meera to get Neel far from that position. Chahat sits crying in the room when Neel comes in. She finds out if all he said outside was simply to prevent Meera from slaughtering herself. Neel says that he didn’t lie, indeed they have wanted to get hitched in court and afterward he will advise all fact to his family. Chahat finds out if he considered Vyas ji prior to taking this choice. Neel reveals to Chahat that he is prepared to satisfy his obligations as a child yet additionally he can’t forfeit his genuine romance for anybody. He says that he really adores Meera and needs to wed her at the earliest opportunity. He says that this is just conceivable on the off chance that she goes out. He demands her to take off from his home else Vyas ji will never acknowledge Meera yet Chahat says that she guaranteed Vyas ji however Neel likewise causes her to swear for him that she will take off from this house, at that point he goes out.

Chahat feels broken however knows from inside that he would not like to send her away as a result of Meera yet there is some other explanation and she can’t leave until she discovers that reason. Afterward, Meera embraces Neel and communicates her bliss that he requested that Chahat disappear. That second Chahat comes in and says that she will leave however not before Vyas ji recuperates. Meera says that she is there to deal with Vyas ji however Chahat finds out if she thinks about the prescriptions Vyas ji takes or the thing Kripa needs when she cries. Meera doesn’t have an answer so Chahat says that she won’t take off from this house till Meera demonstrates that she has the right to be Neel’s significant other.

Meera acknowledges Chahat’s demand and furthermore reveals to her that she may have numerous characteristics yet she is a Muslim and she ought to recollect that. Afterward, Naveli sees Mami resting and asks her for what reason is she not cooking so Mami tells that today Meera will prepare food. Naveli says that it is peculiar that Chahat has given such a great amount of freedom to Meera regardless of the way that she was Neel’s better half. Meera plans to cook pasta for everybody and attempts to discover oil so Chahat gives her a bundle of oil, Meera asks her for what good reason she is here so Chahat says that she cam to take milk for Kripa. Meera taunts Chahat and brags about her own cooking abilities when they hear Kripa crying and Meera says that she will proceed to offer milk to Kripa. Meera saves the dish on gas for cooking and goes to Kripa yet is grieved by her relentless crying. She is going to give milk however Chahat finds out if she checked the temperature, Meera acts pompous yet when she really check the temperature she understands it is excessively hot. Chahat reproves her for heedlessness so Meera says she will make it cool. Meera abruptly gets a consuming smell and understands that she kept food on gas and surges.

In kitchen Meera sees that the food got scorched and Mami additionally comes there and sees the consumed pasta. She insults her that Chahat at any rate gives them something to eat regardless of whether it is basic food. Meera says that she will give them exceptional food at any expense and chooses to arrange food. Afterward, Chahat goes to check Vyas ji and discovers Neel giving him medication.

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