Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 18 January 2021 Episode Written Update (18/01/2021)

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai TV Show Written Update

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 18th Jan 2021 Written Episode Update, Sony TV Serial Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 18 January 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Malhar Fixes Ahilya And Khanderao’s Marriage

Air Date: 18 January 2021

Full Written Update: Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 18/01/2021 Episode Start with  Everyone bows down. The man says a King was living between us and we didn’t even know. Malhar blesses Ahilya. She smiles. Later, she comes home and goes to Malhar. She thanks him. He says no need to thank me always, we are friends. She says you are a big King, everyone agreed to you, I liked it, Renu would also like it, no one can stop us when you are with us.

Malhar says we will be leaving soon. She asks will you go so soon, why didn’t you come last year, this would have not happened, Renu’s marriage would have not happened, she went to her Sasural, her mum stops her for everything, everyone is punishing her for her husband’s loss, if you came before and stopped the marriage, then this would have not happened. He says you mean I could have stopped them from keeping the marriage.

She says yes. He says your mum also married your dad, I also did marriage, you don’t worry, everything will happen good with you. She says good should happen with everyone, dad asks me to pray for everyone’s good, there are strict rules for Renu, can’t you change it, you are a King. He smiles. He says you are really young, I don’t think if you can understand, Dharm rules and Rajya rules are different, King has to stay in limits when its about Dharm, he can just bring small changes, society may get against the King.

She says I understand, you don’t want to do such work that angers everyone, dad says that King and queen are like parents, but why are you thinking before doing a good thing, if I was a queen, then I would have done this, people feel bad, but later they would know you did that for their good, then no one would get angry, right. He looks at her. She goes to help her mum in kitchen.

He recalls her words. Its morning, Sushila says Malhar has handled the matter twice, but he won’t fight for Ahilya all his life. Mankoji says I know the people got angry on Ahilya, but they love her, they will forget her mistake. She asks what if they don’t forget, remember what Kul Guru ji said, Ahilya’s time is changing. He says change can be for good, don’t worry. Malhar comes.

Malhar says I have to talk to you, I want to ask for something. Mankoji says we don’t have anything to give you. Malhar says you both are rich and have a precious treasure which king would like to have. Mankoji asks what do you mean. Malhar says you are parents of a sensible and good daughter, she is the diamond you have, I came to ask for her, I ask her hand for my son Khanderao. They get shocked.

Malhar says I want to make Ahilya the bahu of Holkar clan, think well, there is no hurry to think about it, if you have any doubt…. Mankoji says no, if our daughter becomes bahu of your house, what can be better, but there is a big difference in our status, you are Malwa Prant’s subedaar, I m Patil of a small village. Malhar says don’t worry, she is pure gold, gold never gets short of respect, I have capability to know a good person, I have stayed here, her qualities have surprised me.

I m saying truth, her love for family, her passion to do anything for others, she loves humans and animals also, these qualities make her different from others, I want her to make my son’s life better by her love and care, if you both don’t have any objection, I want this alliance to happen soon, you may decide the rest. Sushila nods to Mankoji. Mankoji says your favor… Malhar says its your favor that you got ready for this alliance. Sushila gets happy.

Ahilya talks to her friends. She says if Renu didn’t get married, her husband would have not died, Renu’s hair would have not got hurt. She prays that her marriage doesn’t happen. Her brother says you will also get married and go to your Sasural. She says no, I told mum that I will never get married. They laugh. Sushila and Mankoji pray. She says I can’t believe that Ahilya will be going to a palace. He asks are you having a doubt. She says no, I m scared.

Gangoba asks Malhar not to decide in a rush, he should have the alliance fixed in a royal family, what will he get by making an ordinary girl his Bahu. Malhar says time will tell you, just I can understand what I want by this marriage. Sushila says Ahilya is innocent, can she stay well there. Mankoji says Malhar will love her as a daughter, he revealed his identity for her sake, she will be very happy there, she will not miss her dad there. Gangoba says you have affection for that girl, but you have to be sensible.

Malhar asks you mean I m being foolish. Gangoba says no, I mean you should think again. Malhar says I have thought well, I will return here after work and fix mahurat. Gangoba says you should talk to the queen once, she is Khanderao’s mum. Malhar says you are saying right, you go and get her here, don’t worry, I will get mahurat in front of Gautama. He leaves. Gangoba says he has decided to make Ahilya his Bahu, it depends on Gautama now, she can stop this.

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