Punjab government presents women, buses will be charged half fare


Chandigarh (Ramanjeet): Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has waived half the fare in government buses giving very good news to the women of Punjab. After this, now women will be able to travel in government buses by giving half tickets. The Captain made this announcement during the budget session. He said that for the first time in his 40 years of political life, he has got so much happiness in a budget.

Made other announcements
– three new recruits will be in lieu of every retiring employee.
– All doctors posted in Health Department are on any duty administration, they will be required to do clinical practice.

In all departments, vacant occupants will be constantly recruited and the initiative will be taken to complete the backlog first.
– Any permit which is found illegal to prevent monopoly and illegitimate profits in the Transport Department will be revoked.
– 2000 route permits will be given separately to break the monopoly.
– The youth will get 5 thousand mini bus route permits.
– For pulses, softening, maize and some other crops, facilities will be provided under the variation policy.
– New policy will come soon about the sand mafia
– White paper is being made on the issue of electricity and its copy will be sent to all the MLAs.


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