Problems on system improvement continue in Gorakhpur District Women’s Hospital Gorakhpur News


Gorakhpur, JNN. The system of maternal and child ward of District Women’s Hospital has improved to a great extent, but there are some problems still to come. Plaster walls of PNC ward one, two and surgical ward three have been uprooted, bathroom tiles broken. PNC is littering in front of Surgical ward number two. However, there is a heater and TV in all the wards. There were blankets on the beds of the patients.

No longer roaming dogs

The situation of the District Women’s Hospital is no longer as bad. From the labor room to the PNC and surgical wards, there is a visible availability of cleanliness and medicines. Now even dogs and cats are not seen roaming in the wards. There is a room heater in every ward.

24-hour music plays for patients

In order to reduce the stress of the patients, the music is played in a slow voice for 24 hours. TV has been installed in every ward. The newly built hospital of 100 beds has all the facilities but the walls of PNC ward number one, two and surgical ward number three of the old hospital are sealed. The pipe of the basin is missing. Flash is missing from the restroom. The toilet tank is damaged.

Patients said

Kalavati, Shrafia Khatoon, Premwati and Anita Sharma, etc. Patients and Timadars said that they have no problem, all medicines are available free of cost. Doctors arrive on time.

Budget approved

Dr. Anand Prakash Srivastava, SIC of District Women’s Hospital, says that the budget has been approved for repairing PNC ward number one and two and surgical ward number three and for making toilet tank. Restoration will be started soon.


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