Priyanka Chopra told why her hands were folded while wearing the crown of Miss World, she will be shocked to know the truth


New Delhi Priyanka Chopra won the Miss World title in 2000 and made her mark worldwide. It has been 20 years now and during this time Priyanka has recorded many successes climbing the stairs of success. With an excellent actress, she has elevated herself to the status of global celebrity. Recently Priyanka made a shocking disclosure in an interview given to People magazine. Priyanka told that she was going to have a wardrobe malfunction while wearing fresh, which was saved from her sensibility.

Priyanka spoke to the magazine and said – 2000 and I won the Miss World title. My dress was about to open. By the time the time came to wear the crown, I was bathed with sweat, as it was very tense. My tape was opened. Priyanka further told that during the walk I kept adding my hands in the style of Namaste. People thought I was doing hello, but actually I was holding my dress. That was so annoying.

Recently, Priyanka revealed another funny incident that took place during Miss World event on Instagram. Priyanka told that after winning the crown, instead of congratulating her, her mother Madhu Chopra first asked her what would happen to her studies now. Priyanka also shared a video remembering those moments in which she is talking with her mom.

Priyanka will now be seen in Netflix’s A White Tiger, which is based on the novel by the same name Arvind Adiga. Its trailer was released recently, which received positive response. Apart from this, Priyanka is also reportedly working in Keenu Reeves’ next Matrix film, which is shooting in Germany.


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