Preeti Mahant, chief of Kinnar Dera, engaged in promoting the future of Punjab’s third gender children


Mandeep Kumar, Sangrur. Preeti Mahant, head of Kinnar Dera in Sangrur, Punjab, is working to shape the future of third gender children. Third gender children who come to the camp are studying with normal children in school. Due to this visionary thinking, Preity Mahanta looks different from common eunuchs. She does not want many third gender children left in the camp to live a hard life only because they are third gender, in which they do not even have a child. Preeti says, the lives of these children should not be limited to seeking greetings, this is the goal.

Preeti is working to educate third gender children living in more than half a dozen Kinnar Deras by sending them to school. She says, a few years ago I adopted the newborn third gender Vishwanur. She was only seven days old at that time. When she grew up, she ran behind the school van passing daily outside the camp. I thought at the same time that I would make it educated like ordinary children. I got him admitted to school. Then it started from here.


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