Pratigya 2 5 May 2021 Episode Written Update (5/05/2021)

Pratigya 2 TV Show Written Updates

Pratigya 2 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Star Bharat TV Serial Pratigya 2 5 May 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Krishna gets hurt seeing Pratigya’s odd behavior

Air Date: 05 May 2021

Full Written Update: Pratigya 2 5/05/2021 Episode Start with Krishna in his room strolls to a great extent. Pratigya comes there and takes a gander at Krishna. Krishna asks Pratigya for what valid reason she is seeing him like that. Pratigya asks Krishna for what valid reason he is making this as a greater issue. Krishna says to Pratigya is she Understand or not and says that Meera is the person who fouled up. Pratigya says that it’s Krishna who fouled up and accused Meera Unnecessarily and request that Krishna apologize to Meera.

Krishna denies and says how is it possible that Meera would wear her saree. Pratigya gets aggravated and ask Krishna for what valid reason he is behind this saree, she has a great many saree here and she previously told its who gave her the saree to Meera and Krishna is the person who embraced her from behind. Krishna asks Pratigya what is she saying, the room is dull and how he know it’s not Pratigya. Krishna says to Pratigya that he is OK Pratigya offer saree to Meera however why Meera is in their room. Pratigya says its Krishna’s misstep that he not understood it’s not his better half another person in any case.

Pratigya says to Krishna that she is worn out on belligerence and says it is anything but a serious deal so request that he leave it. Krishna asks Pratigya how is it possible that she would say this is anything but a serious deal, even after this numerous long periods of their marriage on the off chance that he saw somebody taking a gander at his better half in some alternate manner that he don’t have a clue what he will do yet here why Pratigya say this way. Pratigya pivots and thinks even she don’t need somebody to take a gander at him that way however she needs to control her feelings at that point takes a gander at Krishna and says that for her it is anything but something major to stress over and leaves the room.

Shakti comes to Meera and sits close by her on the floor. Shakti says to Meera that Krishna is a stone hearted individual likewise a blockhead as opposed to adulating her magnificence he is accusing her. Shakti at that point says that he feels awful for whatever happened to her and he needs to see her glad face once more. Shakti at that point offers chocolate to Meera and requests that she eat.

At that point Shakti opens the chocolate covering at that point contact Meera’s shoulder. Meera slaps Shakti and says on the off chance that he indeed attempts to approach her she will make it sure that he won’t ready to show his face to his family and to the world. Shakti blows up and says that he is Shakti Thakur Singh and he will do anything and leaves the room. Pratigya comes outside and sits on a stage and says that even she gets desirous and furious when somebody attempts to draw near to Krishna yet her life has pulled a merciless prank on her so she has no other choice except for to give a glad life to her family before she leaves the world.

Pratigya feels sick so she goes to the washroom. In the wake of washing her face she see some Mark’s close by her neck. Specialist gets a call he sees his telephone and grins and makes proper acquaintance. Pratigya says to the specialist that she saw some red imprints which resembles patches on her neck and ask the specialist is it some sensitivity she is getting for taking the prescriptions. Specialist says no then says its totally ordinary in this stage and requests that Pratigya invest as much as energy with her family cheerfully. Pratigya thanks the specialist at that point disengages the call.

Specialist considers Sumitra and says that he got a call from Pratigya and he revealed to her that poison which Sumitra gives that response in her body is a result of her disease. Sumitra says the specialist to deceive Pratigya a similar way and get cash from her chance to time for this. Krishna lies on his bed. Pratigya comes there and turns off the light and lies on the bed confronting the opposite side. Krishna thinks why Pratigya isn’t attempting to persuade him at that point believes that he will not get little by persuading Pratigya.

Krishna embraces Pratigya. Pratigya requests that Krishna leave her and says that she needs to rest. Krishna says that it’s not all set to bed irately and says assuming Pratigya needs him to apologize to Meera, he will do it tomorrow itself. Pratigya says that she dont need to say anything and requests that he leave. Krishna asks Pratigya what is she saying for what valid reason she is acting this way. Krishna at that point asks Pratigya what she needs from him. Pratigya says that she need some space from him.

Krishna blows up and says to Pratigya that he realizes Pratigya is attempting to remove herself from him and leaves the spot getting disturbed. Pratigya cries and says even she would prefer not to do this to Krishna yet she has no different alternatives and whatever she is doing is for his integrity as it were. Krishna goes to the nursery and rests on the couch there.

In the first part of the day Meera sees Krishna dozing outside and thinks might be both Krishna and Pratigya get into a contention that is the reason Krishna should be resting outside. Pratigya awakens and sees Krishna isn’t close by so she goes to give him bedsheets. Pratigya sees Meera holding her dress as a safe house to forestall daylight hit Krishna’s face. Pratigya thinks Meera is actually a decent young lady and goes inside the room. Meera says that she will never thinks to hurt Krishna. She says that she adores him a similar way he cherishes Pratigya and she knows where her place in Krishna’s life and she never needs Krishna and Pratigya to get isolated. Krishna awakens yet act like he is dozing.

Meera keeps saying that she knows her place however she can’t prevent herself from cherishing him simultaneously she won’t ever harmed Krishna. Meera gets stunned seeing Krishna awakens. Krishna at that point leaves the spot indignantly. Meera says it’s her destiny which consistently brings terrible things regardless of whether her expectation unadulterated. Komal carries tea to Adarsh. Adarsh says that he will deal with himself as he is utilized to this. Komal says no a lady needs to deal with the house and relatives and man needs to deal with outside work not at all like Pratigya who thinks herself is a super lady and thinks to do the two people work.

At that point Komal says to Adarah that Krishna is resting outside and she says it should be Pratigya who more likely than not accomplished something. Adarsh asks Komal for what reason she is accusing Pratigya, we never realize what occurred between both Krishna and Pratigya. Komal inquires as to why he is supporting Pratigya. Adarsh says that he regards Pratigya a ton and he will uphold her consistently and says to Komal that Pratigya’s considering the two people are equivalent which he regards a ton.

Komal blows up and leaves the spot. Krishna goes to his room and afterward sees the clinical report and medication’s and asks why Pratigya is having this much medication. Pratigya comes there and gets stunned seeing the report in Krishna’s grasp. Krishna asks Pratigya what is she stowing away from him. Pratigya says its only a cerebral pain. Krishna don’t accept and says that he will call the specialist. Pratigya blows up and says dont he trust his significant other and for what reason is he making little things as greater issue consistently.

Krishna says Pratigya to sorry and says that he doesn’t need anything yet her migraine to get over. Pratigya tosses the report and packs her dresses. Krishna asks what is she doing, why she is wanting to take off from the house since he posed her an inquiry. Pratigya says that she isn’t going out however leaving the room on the grounds that being with him chokes out her the most. Krishna gets stunned hearing Pratigya’s words.

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