Pratigya 2 4 May 2021 Episode Written Update (4/05/2021)

Pratigya 2 TV Show Written Updates

Pratigya 2 4th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Star Bharat TV Serial Pratigya 2 4 May 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

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Air Date: 04 May 2021

Full Written Update: Pratigya 2 4/05/2021 Episode Start with Pratigya Is Standing On The Roof And Cries In Pain. Sumitra Comes There And Wipes Her Tears. Sumitra Says I Liked Meera Taking Care Of The Kids And Krishna. I Saw You In Meera Today, I Don’t Want To Hide Anything From You, I Was Thinking That After You Leave, Maybe Meera Can Take Your Place. Pratigya Is Shocked And Moves Away. Sumitra Says This Is Your Family, You Can Save Their Happiness, Meera Was Happy With Our Family, Please Give Your Krishna To Meera Before Dying, You Should Choose The Girl For Him.

Pratigya Says What Do You Want From Me? Sumitra Falls Down And Says I Want You To Convince Krishna To Marry Meera, I Don’t Want My Son’s Life To Be Destroyed, I Don’t Want Him To Be Like Komal, I Am Begging You To Save Krishna And The Kids, You Have To Convince Him. Pratigya Says Why Meera? You Think Krishna Will Agree To This? He Will Never Agree To Remarry, He Thinks From Heart. Sumitra Says He Loves You So Much That He Will Do Anything You Ask Him. Pratigya Says How Can I Do That With Him?

Sumitra Says You Can Bring Them Closer And Move Away From Krishna, You Have To Try At Least, You Think Your Kids Will Have A Good Upbringing After You Leave? I Won’t Live For Long But Who Will Take Care Of Your Kids? They Will Become Oprhans. Pratigya Cries And Says My Husband And Kids Are My Life, How Can I Give Them To Someone Else? She Falls Down And Cries. Sumitra Smirks.

Komal Is Trying To Get The Bag From The Cupboard. Adarsh Comes There And Says I Will Bring It Down. He Brings Down The Bag But It Falls On Him And He Gets Hurt. Komal Says I Will Bandage You.

Krishna Comes To His Room And Sees The Bed Decorated With Roses. Krishna Calls Pratigya And Hugs Her, He Says You Did This For Me? I Love It. Pratigya Says I Didn’t Do It. Krishna Says I Like It.

Komal Makes Adarsh Sit On The Bed And Wipes His Wound. Shakti Comes There And Says What Is Going On? You Can’t Touch Him. He Applies Ointment On Him And Asks Him To Control Himself. Adarsh Asks Him To Control His Thoughts, He Leaves From There. Komal Asks Him To Mind His Business. Shakti Says Why Can’t You Follow The Right Path? He Leaves From There.

Meera Says To God That I Wanted To Meet Krishna And Serve Him Once In Life. I Want To Give Him Happiness And That’s My Aim. As He Does Everything For Pratigya, I Want To Do Everything For You. I Have Tattooed Your Name On My Chest. Pratigya Comes There And Sees Krishna’s Photo There. She Asks What Is All This? Meera Says Don’t Take Me Wrongly But I Pray To Krishna, He Is Like My God. Pratigya Asks If She Decorated Their Bed? Meera Says Yes I Did But I Thought You Both Would Like It, I Am Sorry If I Did Something Wrong. Pratigya Says No, We Liked It, You Take Care Of Krishna And Us. Meera Nods. Pratigya Leaves From There.

In The Morning, Shakti Comes To Meera And Asks If She Needs Help In Cooking? She Says No. Shakti Deliberately Cuts His Hand And Asks Meera To Apply Ointment On His Hand. Meera Applies Some Burning Balm On Him And Says Don’t Play With Knives Again. She Leaves From There.

All Have Lunch Together, Krishna Says I Want To Eat Something Sweet. Pratigya Says You Have To Follow The Diet By The Doctor, You Can’t Have Sweets. Meera Brings Sweets And Says I Made Krishna’s Favorite Sweets. Meera Tells Pratigya To Not Scold Him, He Just Wants To Eat Sweets. Krishna Says I Won’t Eat If Pratigya Doesn’t Want Me To. Adarsh Tells Meera That If He Can’t Have Sweets Then He Shouldn’t. Meera Says Nothing Will Happen If He Eats Once. Krishna Asks Meera To Stop It, Stay Within Her Limits, He Leaves From There. Pratigya Looks On. Shakti Says Meera Is Right, We Should Live Life Colorfully.

Komal Says We All See How You Look At Meera. Shakti Asks Her To Stop It, They All Leave. Pratigya Asks Meera Why Did She Do It? Assuming You Really Care For Krishna, You Shouldn’t Give Him Harmful Food, You Can’t Give In To Wishes And Compromise Their Health. Meera Says I Am Sorry, She Leaves From There. Sumitra Tells Pratigya That She Understood What You Said, She Has A Heart Of Gold. Pratigya Says Maybe You Are Right, If Anyone Can Take Care Of Krishna After Me Then It Would Be Meera Only.

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