Pratigya 2 23 July 2021 Episode Written Update (23/07/2021)

Pratigya 2 TV Show Written Updates

Pratigya 2 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Star Bharat “Pratigya 2 23 July 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Pratigya Accepts Meera In The House

Air Date: 23 July 2021

Full Written Update: Pratigya 2 23/07/2021 Episode Start with Krishna searches for Pratigya in the house. He discovers Pratigya sitting on the yard. He says come, we should proceed to rest. Pratigya says I can’t go in that room, you rest. Krishna says I realize you feel awkward in that room. I will change the total standpoint of the room. On the off chance that you would prefer not to rest, I will be alert with you. He takes a gander at the moon and says you are more excellent. Pratigya grins at him. Krishna says you are annoyed? She says no. I love you.

Krishna grins and says love you as well. They embrace one another. Toward the beginning of the day, Sajjan returns home. Krishna requests that Kesar give him meds on schedule. Sumitra reveals to him that I am glad that you remained back, you dealt with your dad when he required it. I will make everything fine at this point. Krishna says you did nothing right so don’t do anything. You both can do everything except you are my folks so I can’t pass on you to kick the bucket. When Sajjan turns out to be fine then I will leave with my better half and children. I’m doing this as an obligation of a child. The auditor comes there and says we have a grumbling against Krishna Singh.

Pratigya says who did it? Meera comes there. The controller says she is pregnant with Krishna’s child and you tossed her out? Krishna says she is lying. The monitor says we got the tests and she is truly pregnant. It will be demonstrated that it’s your child, assuming the case goes out, it will be a difficulty for all of you so settle this in your family, he goes from that point. Meera discloses to Pratigya that currently advise me on the off chance that I can’t remain here legitimately? Sumitra thinks my genuine beneficiary is Meera, she is acceptable with this game. Meera requests that Pratigya answer her quick, I need to rest so would i be able to go to my room?

Sumitra goes to her and says you are pregnant with Krishna’s child, that child will have this present house’s destiny. We should head inside. Meera says I realize you will allow me to remain here yet I need Krishna and Pratigya to acknowledge me in this house. Pratigya says you can be everything except I realize how troublesome the present circumstance is for a lady so you can remain here. Krishna says have you gone off the deep end? She is a snake that will gobble up our bliss. Kesar says Krishna is correct, she won’t permit harmony in this house. Sumitra yells at her to quiet down.

Krishna says Meera needs cash and workers? I will get another house for her with each need. Meera says I can deal with myself and my child yet I simply a dad’s name for my child. I need a family for my child and it’s my right, it’s this current child’s right as well. Pratigya says she is correct. Sumitra reveals to Krishna that it’s our beneficiary, regard a lady. Indeed, even your better half is tolerating it. Pratigya reveals to Meera that I am permitting you in this house simply because you have Krishna’s child yet don’t attempt to isolate us. Meera says you are fortunate on the grounds that I don’t need anything like that, I know a spouse wife relationship can’t be broken. I have a relationship with Krishna forever, this child will keep us fortified forever.

Krishna says I will not extra her.. Pratigya says no, we will give her visit access the visitor room. They all leave from that point. Meera smiles at Sumitra. Meera goes to her visitor room and grins. She says I will not leave Krishna without any problem. I love him to an extreme. I will figure out how to be nearer to him. Kesar comes there and says you are in the correct spot now, you were a subsequent lady and will remain so. You won’t ever get Krishna. Krishna is irate in his room. Pratigya says we will deal with this together. Krishna says she is an improper lady, I don’t need this dramatization.

Pratigya says our relationship isn’t feeble for her to break us. We will answer her when expected to. Krishna says she is a liar, she was discussing my relationship with her forever.
Pratigya says she is correct, you will be her child’s dad and you can’t disregard that. Krishna says how should I.. I’m truly grieved, it’s all my issue. Pratigya says for what reason do you continue to fault yourself? It was not your flaw, you just confided in your family. We must be solid now, we will confront everything together, I am with you. She goes from that point.

Pratigya goes to the washroom and reviews Meera’s words. She cries.

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