Pratigya 2 21 July 2021 Episode Written Update (21/07/2021)

Pratigya 2 TV Show Written Updates

Pratigya 2 21st July 2021 Written Episode Update, Star Bharat TV Serial Pratigya 2 21 July 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Krishna Confronts His Family
Air Date: 21 July 2021

Full Written Update: Pratigya 2 21/07/2021 Episode Start with Pratigya is hanging tight for Krishna in the eatery. He comes there. Pratigya grins and says I realized you would come. She requests that he plunk down. Krishna says you don’t need to do anything. Pratigya says I need to. She goes on the stage and says I will introduce something extraordinary for my companion Krishna. She re-institutes her marriage with Krishna. Then, at that point their coexistence, how Sumitra harmed Pratigya and caused her to accept that she will bite the dust, then, at that point how Pratigya claimed to engage in extramarital relations with Adarsh. Krishna takes a gander at the demonstration and reviews every one of the flashbacks. Kesar and Adarsh assist Pratigya with the play.

Pratigya re-authorizes how Krishna discovered and left his family. He was leaving with Pratigya yet they had a mishap. Krishna shouts Pratigya as he reviews every one of the recollections. Krishna reviews how Pratigya continued attempting to bring his memory back. Krishna hurries to Pratigya and embraces her. He cries and says I remember everything now, I am truly heartbroken. You needed to bear so much as a result of me. Pratigya cries and says don’t say sorry, I realized I would get my Krishna back. I think I am dreaming that you are back. Krishna says your Krishna is remaining with you.

Kesar and Adarsh grin seeing them. In the house, Sumitra reveals to Meera that all arrangements are done as such call Krishna. Meera goes to Krishna’s room yet there are cushions on the bed. Meera says he tricked me like this, he passed on to meet Pratigya. Meera hurries to the family and says Krishna isn’t in his room. Sajjan says then where right? Krishna goes into the house holding Pratigya’s hand. All look on. Pratigya is wearing her mangalsutra and sindoor. Meera yells at Pratigya how could you hold my significant other’s hand? She attempts to grab her mangalsutra yet Krishna pushes her and says how could you attempt to contact my Pratigya? Avoid her, I am regarding you as a lady else I would cover you here. Sajjan says what befallen you?

Sumitra says who has caught you? Since when did Pratigya become your better half. Krishna says right, she isn’t my better half? Did everybody lose their memory here? You don’t recall? I will disclose to you now.. this Pratigya.. she is my better half. My babu.. those children.. they are my children. Garv and Kriti grin. Krishna says Garv and Kriti are my children. He goes to them and embraces them firmly. Pratigya is in tears seeing that. Adarsh and Kesar come there and grin seeing them together. Sumitra discloses to Krishna that you may recollect a few recollections yet these are for the most part lies.

Krishna says alright, I can concur with you, perhaps it’s each of the an untruth and just you are saying reality? That is what you need to hear right? It’s tormenting me to see that you are a particularly egotistical mother. You attempted to kill Pratigya, faked her malignancy, attempted to isolate us constantly.. all that is clearly false? Just you are a decent individual? Do you need me to isolate from my family? You have harmed my life. Sumitra cries and says don’t say that. Krishna says would it be a good idea for me to make the most of all the terrible things you did? I can’t say what you have done. This is my family.

All ought to be content that I got my memory back yet all of you look so pitiful. I needn’t bother with foes when I have a mother like you. How is it possible that you would see your child in such a lot of agony? Didn’t you consider coming clean with me? In the first place, you attempted to kill Pratigya yet then, at that point you exploited my cognitive decline, my children lived like vagrants and you didn’t let out the slightest peep to me? You are the most noticeably awful mother on the planet. You were attempting to change my better half yet I ought to have changed my mom.

Sajjan says take a gander at things from her side. Krishna says that is my error, I paid attention to you both, you both abhorred Pratigya to such an extent. You attempted to kill Pratigya.. this is Sajjan Singh and this is his family. Komal says I am not an adversary, this mother.. Krishna says enough, you didn’t mind that your sibling was in torment, I battled for you with everybody, I made you all that you needed, I got you hitched to the one that you loved however you didn’t figure I ought to rejoin with Pratigya? I was so befuddled however you didn’t think to help me? Simply don’t let out the slightest peep. He comes to Adarsh and says you knew it all, you were Pratigya’s companion, she was battling alone however you didn’t help her? He comes to Meera and says what would it be advisable for me to try and advise you? When my family was deceiving me then, at that point how might I say anything to an outsider?

Meera cries and says please. She attempts to embrace him however he says don’t even think about contacting me. Meera says you are my beginning and end Krishna ji, I have given my beginning and end to you, I love you a great deal. Krishna says you love me? You removed my bliss, you dislike this then what befell you? You are a con artist. You continued attempting to imagine like my better half regardless of whether Pratigya was back? Is it accurate to say that you weren’t frightened of how I would manage you once I get my memory back?

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