Pratigya 2 16 July 2021 Episode Written Update (16/07/2021)

Pratigya 2 TV Show Written Updates

Pratigya 2 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Star Bharat TV Serial Pratigya 2 16 July 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Pratigya Gets Saved From The Attack

Air Date: 16 July 2021

Full Written Update: Pratigya 2 16/07/2021 Episode Start with Kriti is sitting in the mandir with the family. She is strained. Sajjan says I am arriving in a piece. Sajjan calls his hooligan who is stowing away in the house. Pratigya comes to accept the call and the hooligan jumps on her from behind. Pratigya shouts and says who is this? Sajjan is hearing all that on his telephone. Pratigya says who right? Sajjan closes the call and says Pratigya’s part will be shut today, we will enjoy our harmony back at this point.

Kriti takes a gander at him and is stressed. In the house, Pratigya drives the thug away and stows away in the kitchen. He searches for her with his blade. Pratigya attempts to flee from him. She calls the police. In the mandir, Kriti goes to Kesar however she doesn’t pay attention to her. Kriti thinks I need to take somebody’s telephone. She sees a lady on the call and hurries to her. She cries and requests that the lady let her call her mother. Kriti calls Pratigya and says run from the house, your life is in harm’s way. The thug gets Pratigya and says you don’t have any time left.

Kriti hears all that and says no, nothing will happen to my mother. Pratigya asks the hooligan what do you need? She attempts to flee yet he puts a blade on her neck and says where would you be able to run? Pratigya shouts for somebody to help her. Krishna and others end the pooja. They begin leaving the mandir. Krishna sits with Sajjan, Sumitra and Kriti in the vehicle. Krishna asks Kriti for what valid reason would you say you are crying? She says I have a stomach throb, we should return home. All relatives get back home to see police and a rescue vehicle there.

Krishna asks what was the deal? The assessor says a lady passed on in your home. Kriti begins crying. Krishna shouts Pratigya and runs into the house. He sees a dead body lying there. Sajjan and Sumitra smile. Krishna shouts Pratigya and cries. Meera murmurs to Komal that she may have committed suicide. Komal says she was my sister-in-law before you, I am dismal about her demise, she was a lot saner than you. Krishna goes hysteric and says how is it possible that this would occur.. Pratigya.. Kesar and Kriti cry. Krishna removes the sheet from the dead body however it’s another person and not Pratigya. All are dazed. Komal is glad to realize Pratigya is alive.

Sumitra murmurs to Sajjan that our arranging fizzled. The police bring Pratigya there and says she is exceptionally frightened, I have taken her assertion. Pratigya races to Krishna and embraces him firmly. Krishna cries seeing her well. Sajjan asks the controller what occurred here? She requests that Pratigya shout out. Pratigya reveals to them how a thug assaulted her however the servant was there. She shouted so the thug killed her. Before he could kill Pratigya, the police showed up there. Kesar embraces Pratigya and says say thanks to God you are protected.

Komal thinks her destiny is solid, she can beat the grave when she needs. Kriti cries so Krishna requests that she quiet down. He requests that the examiner research how a hooligan could come inside. Kriti proceeds to embrace Pratigya. The auditor discloses to Krishna that they will find that thug. Krishna says somebody assaulted Pratigya before likewise, discover who is behind this. The examiner goes from that point. Kriti cries and says I realize who arranged this. Krishna says what? Who did it. Try not to be terrified, simply advise me. Who did it? Kriti says Sajjan employed that hooligan. All are stunned.

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