Pratigya 2 11 June 2021 Episode Written Update (11/06/2021)

Pratigya 2 TV Show Written Updates

Pratigya 2 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Star Bharat TV Serial Pratigya 2 11 June 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Pratigya Meets Adarsh

Air Date: 11 June 2021

Full Written Update: Pratigya 2 11/06/2021 Episode Start with Pratigya is standing near Krishna. Meera takes a gander at them from a far and says this young lady has arrived at home as well. I will take a quick trip and see her face. Pratigya carries Krishna to door and says I need to leave. She goes from that point. Meera races to Krishna and takes him inside.

Krishna goes to his room. Meera lies him on the bed. Krishna says you think about my preferences. Why my better half isn’t care for you? Spouses ought to resemble you, there is nobody like you. You realize what goes in my heart, you understand what I need without me saying it. Meera hears it and cries, she goes from that point. Krishna jabbers in inebriated express that Pratigya poses such a large number of inquiries yet you are pretty.

In the first part of the day, Meera is disregarding Krishna. Sumitra says what befallen Meera? She isn’t running behind him to give him breakfast. Komal went to her companion’s home as well. Adarsh should figure she couldn’t care less about her husbaand. Adarsh comes there and says it’s OK on the off chance that she went to meet her companion, she will return. Sajjan says he is a reasonable man. Adarsh says I am fortunate to get guardians like you. Sumitra says our Komal is fortunate.

Adarsh asks where are kids? Kesar brings Garv and Kriti there. They are frightened. Krishna comes there and asks what was the deal? He sees a wound on his arm and asks what was the deal? Kriti stops him. Krishna inquires as to whether Shakti beat them? Kesar says he just rebuffed them as they have become mischievious. Krishna says what’s this method of treating them? Reveal to him that he can’t care for this with his children.

Sumitra says they are Shakti’s children so he can rebuff them. Krishna says I won’t say it once more, he can’t rebuff them like this once more. The children leave. Krishna asks where is breakfast? Sumitra says your better half isn’t prepared to serve you. Krishna says that is fine, I will eat at lodging. He requests that Adarsh accompany him for work. Adarsh goes with him. Meera comes to Sumitra and says I figured he would mollify me however he went to his secretary. I will not eat or drink anything. She goes from that point. Sumitra says this secretary is annihilating our tranquility.

Pratigya is sitting tight for Krishna. Krishna goes to the inn with Adarsh. The chief requests that Pratigya work prior to going to Krishna’s room.

Krishna goes to his room and requests that the supervisor call the secretary. Adarsh figures now I will know who this secretary is. Pratigya comes there and says you called me sir? Adarsh is stunned to see her. Krishna inquires as to whether you both know one another? Adarsh says yes.. I mean no. Pratigya says I just got stunned to see someone else. Krishna says he is Adarsh, Komal’s better half. He discloses to Adarsh that this is my secretary Pratigya, she knows me and my family. I don’t skill. Adarsh says OK. Krishna gets a call and leaves.

Meera says everybody is cheerful in this house, my destiny is awful. Kesar brings food and requests that she eat something. For what reason would you say you are rebuffing yourself? Meera says I care how Krishna acts. Kesar says you will get sick so eat something. Meera says I won’t eat anything. Kesar goes to Sumitra and says she isn’t eating anything.

Adarsh gets glad seeing Pratigya and says you are alive? I have such countless inquiries. Pratigya reveals to him everything.

Krishna is returning to his office however takes a gander at Pratigya’s room and reviews her taking him home last evening. He sees a man perusing a horoscope and requests that he read his. The man peruses that your day will go extraordinary, another relationship will begin today. Krishna grins and goes from that point. Krishna sees a few blossoms and a companion’s cap. He thinks another relationship?

Pratigya asks Adarsh how could he get hitched to Komal? Krishna calls her so she leaves. Adarsh grins.

Krishna asks Pratigya where is Adarsh? She says he left. Krishna requests that he go to her lodge. Pratigya gets stressed and inquires as to whether she accomplished something incorrectly? Sumitra calls Krishna and says there is a crisis, you need to come. Krishna discloses to Pratigya that I need to go and leaves.

The specialist checks Meera and says she has low BP. She needs to eat something. Meera says I will not eat anything. Krishna and Adarsh come there. Krishna asks what was the deal? Kesar says she isn’t eating anything. Krishna asks Meera for what good reason would you say you are not eating? Is it true that you are a child? Simply eat it. Meera says I will eat when you pay attention to me. Sumitra says he will do anything you say. Krishna says she will put conditions on me now? Sumitra says it’s her desire. Meera says I will eat just when Krishna fires his secretary.

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