PMC Bank Scam: Another account holder killed, died of heart attack


Maharashtra, ANI. The account holder has been troubled since the scandal in Maharashtra’s PMC Bank. On Wednesday, a 68-year-old woman died of a heart attack. This woman’s account was also in this bank. The deceased woman hails from Mulund Colony. His name was Keshumal Hinduja. On the night of 29 October, the woman complained of chest pain after which she was admitted to a private hospital. He died on 31 October.

Woman was under stress since family claims scam

The daughter of the deceased woman told that her mother used to run a grocery store. She was not suffering from any disease but she was under stress after the PMC bank scam surfaced. The amount of the deceased Keshumal Hinduja’s bank account is not known yet. However, this is not the first case even before the news of the death of several account holders has been revealed.

Explain that the Reserve Bank of India appointed Administrator had asked the Economic Offenses Wing of Mumbai Police to release all the encroached assets in the PMC Bank case so that all of them can be auctioned. It is believed that this step of RBI may provide some relief to the account holders. Earlier, ADIL promoters Sarang Wadhawan and Rakesh wrote letters to the Reserve Bank of India, the investigating agencies and the Ministry of Finance. In the letter, he said that 18 attached properties including his ultra luxury cars, yacht-boats and aircraft be auctioned.

Earlier, Sanjay Gulati also died of a heart attack. He also had an account with this bank. Please tell that 51 year old Sanjay Gulati was a former employee of Jet Airways. He had Rs 90 lakh in this bank. After Sanjay, an account holder named Fattomal Punjabi also died of a heart attack.


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