Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 23 February 2021 Episode Written Update (23/02/2021)

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Written Updates

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 23rd Feb 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial “Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 23 February 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Neel forcefully takes Mayura and her family with him.

Air Date: 23 February 2021

Full Written Update: Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 23/02/2021 Episode Start with She says Neel said that he has no sibling. Omkar tells that he isn’t lying. Mayura says Kundan had run off. Omkar says Kundan didn’t flee, I had kept him hostage. Mayura is stunned. Omkar says I misconstrued him thinking he has awful sight on you, and sent that letter that day. He says I constrained him to disappear, yet later I delivered him realizing I wasn’t right. He is sorry to her. Neel thanks ward kid for resting on Kundan’s place. Mayura reveals to Omkar that she will wed Neel just, says it is sufficient now, I need to return home as everybody will be released. Neel requests that Omkar go. Omkar says she is my better half. Neel says not for a long time… Omkar sits in his vehicle and goes. Neel sits on the seat and takes a glass bottle from the container. He harms the two his hand with the glass bottles. Mayura gets back home and inquires as to whether they are fine. They say yes. Mayura says she needs to disclose to them something and is going to say Kun… all of a sudden Neel comes there harmed and tumbles down, acts to get oblivious. Omkar converses with the legal advisor and advises that they need to uncover Neel. Attorney says Neel is astute and didn’t leave any confirmation.

Neel reveals to Mayura that Omkar accused him saying that he needs to do terrible with her. He says on the off chance that she questions his goal, advise him, he will leave. Akhilesh, Dadi and Surekha tell that Omkar will disappear from our lives. Mayura says once Omkar and my marriage becomes invalid, at that point I need to wed you in the sanctuary. Neel says thanks to her and says I won’t ever baffle you. Akhilesh says you have taken the correct choice. Mayura takes a gander at the mangalsutra which Omkar made her wear that day. She goes.

Omkar rings the sanctuary chimes and requests that God uncover Neel’s reality infront of Mayura. Mayura discovers Neel’s telephone accepting a message. She peruses that the message is about his sibling. Mayura is stunned. Omkar goes to God still. Mayura gets the approach Neel’s portable and the individual accessible as needs be requests that Neel move his sibling Kundan to other medical clinic, as Omkar’s men is watching out for the emergency clinic. Mayura gets stunned and calls him, yet Omkar is ringing the sanctuary chimes and don’t pick her calls. She says you need to save me from Neel, and is truly changed. Omkar requests that God uncover Neel. Mayura calls Omkar once more. Neel comes and grabs telephone from her hand. Her relatives come there.

Mayura reveals to them that Neel is Kundan’s sibling and needs to render retribution from us, as Omkar disturbed him a great deal. Neel forgets about her hands and says indeed, I am his genuine sibling… you understand how Omkar has managed Kundan. He says now it is my chance to deliver retribution, presently I will demolish you both. He holds her irately. His hooligan comes and points firearm at them. Neel says Omkar will be destroyed this time and requests that she think, in the event that he can hurt himself to trap Omkar, how he can manage her family. Mayura requests that Akhilesh call Police. Akhilesh is going to call Police, when Neel takes telephone from his hand. He inquires as to whether they act this path with damad. Mayura says I won’t wed you. Neel shows papers and says your marriage with Omkar is repealed. He says marriage will occur, yet with me.

Omkar discovers Mayura’s missed calls and calls her, however the number is turned off. He goes from that point. Omkar’s vehicle goes past the emergency vehicle, however he doesn’t see them. Neel says he has taken this best approach from here. Mayura requests that Neel leave her family and tells that Omkar is truly atoning his deeds, whatever he did with Kundan. Neel says he simply needs their barbadi. Omkar goes to Mayura’s home and discovers it bolted. He asks somebody, who tells that Neel took them in rescue vehicle. Omkar calls emergency clinic and inquires as to whether Neel came there. Medical attendant says no. Mayura signs Dadi to occupy Neel, while she tosses her things from the rescue vehicle. She thinks she is certain that her Omkar will look through her. She tosses her chain with Om from the emergency vehicle, and figures Omkar will see it. Omkar didn’t see her bangles and so forth, yet discovers chain hanging in a little sanctuary in transit.

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