Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 22 July 2021 Episode Written Update (22/07/2021)

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Written Updates

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors “Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 22 July 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Vishakha comes to know Mayura is back

Air Date: 22 July 2021

Full Written Update: Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 22/07/2021 Episode Start with Mayura embraces him and says I was exceptionally frightened, Omkar. She says on the off chance that anything happens to you, I would have kicked the bucket. She says I won’t release you away from me in this birth. Omkar pushes her and says you came here to report your father in the event that I am fine or not, so he designs next assault. Mayura requests that he trust her and says Vishaka had killed us in last birth. Omkar requests that she proceed to reveal to her dad that he won’t acknowledge rout so without any problem. Mayura goes from that point indignantly. Omkar thinks there is nothing similar to past birth and thinks who is Vishaka?

Vishaka gets some information about Ishaan. Worker says he went out indignantly. Vishaka calls him, however his telephone rings in his room. She thinks he left his telephone here. Mayura calls Ishaan and her photograph gets shown on the screen. Vishaka thinks to put the telephone on quiet mode, and picks his telephone. She then, at that point sees Mayura’s pic and gets stunned. She drops the telephone and gets stunned. She then, at that point checks her pics and thinks she is looking so youthful and there is no scar all over. She then, at that point reviews Manjari’s words and comprehends that Mayura and Omkar have renewed. She thinks to look through them and blows up. Naina requests that Omkar sit and his mom to sit. She tells that she will make something for Omkar and will make Kada for Aunty. Omkar’s mom acclaims Naina and tells that she deals with you so much, and caused me to get every one of the tests. Omkar says any place Naina will go, she will fill the house with joy. His mom requests that he bring Naina as his lifepartner. He says he never thought about her thusly. He gets Mayura’s call. His mom helps him to remember his guarantee that he will be away from Mayura. She says this young lady isn’t not exactly a fire.

Mayura goes to God for saving her Omkar. DM asks what you was asking from God. Mayura discloses to DM that the bad dreams which she used to get, was the recollections of her last birth. She says I used to see the fantasies wherein my life accomplice was Omkar and advises that they are reawakened to finish their romantic tale. DM requests that she talk in low tone and says your Papa doesn’t care for him, and requests that she fail to remember him as awful dream. Mayura says no DM, Omkar is my affection from last birth and this time, my romantic tale will finish and won’t be confined.

Ishaan returns. Vishaka reveals to him that Mayura called him. Ishaan considers her and discovers the telephone off. Vishaka inquires as to whether Mayura is of his age? He says clearly. Vishaka says you should meet her, I have a thought. Mr. Goswami educates Mayura that Ishaan’s mom is coming to meet her over lunch. Mayura inquires as to whether she advised you accessible as needs be. Mayura says indeed, I will be here, as even I need to meet her. Mr. Goswami requests that she avoid Azaad Nagar Project and that person (Omkar). Mayura says alright. She takes out sword and reviews Vishaka wounding them with blade. She thinks in the event that I can confront Vishaka alone. She thinks she needs to meet Omkar. She holds back the sword and is going out. Bela stops her and asks where are you going, so late in night. Mayura says I was taking a walk. Bela says even she will accompany her. Mayura then, at that point professes to be sluggish and requests that she go on a walk. She shuts the entryway. Bela blows up and smiles. Mayura thinks she needs to discover some way and takes a gander at the window. Omkar gets blazes of Mayura and him, and Vishaka cutting him. He awakens yelling Mayura and sees her standing infront of him. He embraces her. Mayura asks did you review our last birth? Omkar breaks the embrace and asks what are you doing here? Mayura discloses to him that she has seen him passing on and tells that even he more likely than not seen. He says he has seen as she is telling. Mayura says you are getting dreams since your youth, where somebody is killing you with blade. His mom comes there and requests that Mayura avoid her child. Mayura says sorry and advises that she came to meet Omkar. She gets annoyed with him and leaves crying.

Omkar converses with Sarpanch and requests that he ensure that industrial facility work doesn’t begin. He says Maa is unwell and I am harmed. Sarpanch says alright. Naina says I have my eyes there. Omkar says we need to get some answers concerning the lady helping them. Mr. Goswami invites Vishaka and Ishaan and says we will think ourselves fortunate to eat with us. Vishaka asks where is your girl Mayura? Mr. Goswami says she is preparing. Bela requests that Ishaan go to her room and meet her. Ishaan goes to Mayura and says Mom came to meet you. Mayura says even I need to meet her. Vishaka tells Mr. Goswami that she heard that nearby saint (Omkar) got saved. Mr. Goswami says he was just harmed. Vishaka says injured tiger is extremely hazardous, we need to accomplish something before he assault us. She says we will establish framework stone on processing plant site. Sachin gets some information about stay request. Vishaka says she will deal with. Mr. Goswami requests that Sachin proceed to have food there itself. Mayura gets anxious. Ishaan says what was the deal? Mayura says I neglected to take medication for migraine and goes. Ishaan requests that she return soon. Vishaka asks where is Mayura? Ishaan says she is coming.

Mayura goes to room and calls Ishaan. DM inquires as to for what reason would you say you are not going down? Mayura says I need to go. Sarpanch sees Sachin on location and tells that Omkar was correct, they will do some modest stuff. Sachin says Omkar haven’t informed you concerning what we can do. He requests that his men beat them. Vishaka tells Mr. Goswami that she didn’t hold back to see Kohinoor in London, and says your girl is making me stand by. Ishaan says she had migraine so went to take medication. Mr. Goswami gets some information about Mayura. DM gets strained. Somebody advises Omkar about the assault.

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