Photos: Former Punjab Home Minister Lali’s Innova Forced To Stop The Main Gate


Jalandhar (Chopra): The alleged contractor who took a parking contract in the District Administrative Complex and his staff got into a dispute with former Punjab Home Minister Brij Bhupindra Singh Lali over the recovery of parking fees. When the driver of Lali wanted to take the car out of the complex’s gate, the contractor’s personnel, while showing impunity, locked the main gate of the administrative complex and stopped the former home minister’s vehicle from exiting the complex, taking the hostage. . During this time, Brij Bhupindra Lali himself was riding in the Innova car with his companions.

Lali told the parking contractor’s officers that he is a former cabinet minister and the former legislator’s sticker is also placed on the front mirror of his vehicle. He was never charged for parking at the first administrative complex, but the contractor and his staff did not listen to one of the former ministers and kept them there forcibly. Karinds said that unless he paid the parking fees, he would neither open the gate nor allow the vehicle to exit. In the meantime, when asked to object to redness and complain to the deputy commissioner, he even went on to speak abusive words against the officer, saying, ‘We have taken a parking contract by spending money and it is their right to recover the parking, what can the deputy commissioner do? Take ‘.

Lali said that he had come to his office to meet the deputy commissioner in connection with some work, but due to his non-presence, he started returning at the same time, then the contractor and his personnel asked him to leave the vehicle, demanding money for the entry of the vehicle. Kept. Some youth locked the main gate and did not let them exit. During the whole incident, Lali did not get out of his car and silently watched the whole scene. The parking contractor’s personnel kept the former home minister at the gate for about 25-30 minutes, until finally Lali got rid of the contractor and the workers by paying a parking fee.

Lali’s face was also seen to belong to the opposition party

There was a time when Brij Bhupindra Lali used to speak in the power of Punjab. Lali, who won the 1992 Assembly elections from Shahkot Assembly Zalak and was a minister in the then Beant Singh government’s cabinet, an important and powerful department like Punjab’s home. Senior Congress leader Brij Bhupindra Lali joined the Akali Dal on May 19, 2018, in the presence of Shiromani Akali Dal President and former Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal, while bidding goodbye to the Congress when he contested the Shahkot by-election. Were against giving tickets to Sherovalia.


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