Photos: Department ignored 117 year old railway station


Shri Muktsar Sahib (Taneja): A railway station was built in 1902 in village Bhagsar, but today the railway department is ignoring the said station. The 117-year-old station is suffering from many deficiencies at the station due to which the passengers traveling by train are suffering a lot and the railway department is fast asleep. Village resident social workers Jaswant Singh Brar, Paramjit Singh Brar Sarpanch, Narinder Singh Brar, Babaljeet Singh Brar, Sarwan Singh Brar, Sarbjit Singh Dhaliwal, Beant Singh Brar, Gurmeet Singh Brar, etc. have jointly demanded from the higher officials of the Railway Department. The above railway station should be noted and the deficiencies should be removed.

Ticket house is bad, warehouse becomes ruins

The condition of the ticket room of the station is very bad, which has no facilities. Far away from the furniture, there are only 2 chairs, they are also broken. There is no other room for ticket-cutting staff, so a bunk has been put in this room. The godowns near the railway station to keep wheat, rice, are built in ruins, and there are grass and hill kikar. If seen, this place can become a den of wrong elements and the women passing through here is not empty of danger.

There was a demand to stop the train going towards Delhi

The train going from Fazilka to Delhi at 2 o’clock in the night passes from this station at around two and a half o’clock at night and comes back at 11-12 o’clock in the night, but it does not stop at the time of leaving the train nor does it cause people to come. The facility of this car is not available. People demand that this train be stopped both times and other long distance trains also run on this railway track. Apart from this, people have also demanded to run passenger train from Ganganagar via Fazilka, Sri Muktsar Sahib-Bathinda.


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