Petition for incorrect testimony on Guru Nanak Dev ji accepted in Supreme Court


Amritsar (Mamta): The petition was filed in the Supreme Court by the Sikh National Organization during the famous case of Ayodhya Temple for using the word ‘Kalat’ towards Sikhism and giving false testimony in the name of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Which has been accepted. This information was given by Dr. Manjit Singh Randhawa, head of the organization.

He said that ‘kalat’ is a negative and unacceptable word. Rajinder Singh, a witness in the Ayodhya case, and the court’s repeated use of the word ‘kalat’ towards Sikhism and Guru Sahib’s presentation of false facts during the gloom is unbearable. A panel of lawyers Anirbhan Bhattacharya, Lashma Randhawa and Dhananjay Grover has been formed in the case filed. He said that according to the information Rajinder Singh RSS Is an activist of, who considers himself a scholar, while only higher secondary passes. He has presented Sikhism with false facts during his testimony in the Ayodhya case. In this case, it is necessary to remove the word ‘Kalat’ from the case.


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