Pawan Singh on the question of arriving late on the set of the film – I am on the injury of Jo Hoon Soo Danke


Pawan Singh is one of the best actors of Bhojpuri films. He is very famous among the audience not only with his films but also with his melodious voice. He not only knows the audience of Bhojpuri, but his name rings in India and abroad too. His song, ‘Lollipop Laagelu’ is the pride of every party. Pawan Singh is also known as an outspoken actor who is not at all afraid to say his words. Recently he spoke to a YouTube channel in which he has once again introduced his innocence.

Many producers say that they often arrive late on the set due to which the film takes a lot of time to complete. In response to this, Pawan Singh said that even though he arrives late on the set, but with the help of his energy, he ends the work in a very short time. He told, ‘I am who I am, so I am at the hurt of Danke. Let me say, for example, that I have completed the film ‘Deadly’ in 19 days. So I work wherever there is work. ‘

He further said, ‘If I reached the set only one hour late but saw that there is energy inside you, then it was not 20 times faster than you, then there is no name Pawan Singh. At the same time, if one hour reached the set and I see that people are sitting idly, 5 – 7 hours will be sitting on the set, then there can be no work there. I work where there is work. Where time passes, and upon reaching the set and I feel that there is no energy, I become 500 times slower than them.

He also talked about the new cast of Bhojpuri and said that he sees the most potential in singer and actor Ritesh Pandey. Pawan Singh said, ‘In today’s time not everyone comes in front, and if anyone comes in front, then when he has to become a superstar with his mouth, then there is nothing. But out of all the newcomers, Ritesh Pandey liked it. As long as I talked to him on the phone, whether I met him in front of him, two or three years ago, when he went out of India with me, I saw that he is sitting down. I told him to come here, younger brother, laugh, play. Ritesh Pandey is also a manor, he is patient, God bless him greatly.


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