Patiala Babes 26th Feb 2020 Episode Written Update (26/2/2020)

Patiala Babes

Patiala Babes 26th February 2020 Written Episode Update, Sony Tv Serial “Patiala Babes 26 February 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Minnie Chooses To Fight

Air Date: 26 February 2020

Full Written Update: Patiala Babes 26/2/2020 Episode Start with School’s trustee calls media and asks Neha’s dad Mr. Mehrotra to talk. Mehrotra says truth is his girl committed an error and Kewal rebuffed here, circumstance was wrongly overhyped, Kewal is a genuine honest man. Trustee approaches Minnie to give same explanation for her sister’s better future. Media asks Minnie her announcement.

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Minnie says whatever she told was valid and individuals here are attempting to conceal for their advantage. She leaves seething. Chief runs behind her and says she stayed silent as trustee is exceptionally amazing and she can lose her employment. Minnie says when she used to contemplate right now, considered head as her good example, however she disillusioned her.

Mrs. Sandhu attempts to incite Pammi against Minnie and Arya. Pammi doesn’t concur. Sandhu then insults her that Khatri eyes on ladies and she should control him. Pammi blows up. Sandhu sees Minnie getting back and tells Pammi rather than them battle, let us inconvenience Minnie. She strolls to Minnie and asks how is Arya. Minnie chastens her illustriously and strolls in, leaving her raging.

Minnie thinks back trustee, head, Mr. Mehrotra’s words and irately breaks porcelain. Rani discloses to Arya they will get poor if Minnie keeps on breaking earthenware. Arya joins Minnie and gives her plate checking 1, 2, 3, 5. Minnie stops and says she is tallying incorrectly. Arya says even she is fouling up by breaking earthenware. Minnie clarifies what occurred in school. Arya says HS used to tell they should fear just bapu/Gandhiji and should document police protest. Minnie with Arya meets Laala and asks him for what reason is Kewal out. Laala says he has influential individuals’ help and got bail effectively, he can’t do anything without a protest.

Minnie demands to take her and Arya’s grievance. Lala defenselessly does. Around evening time, vigorously intoxicated Kewal strolls outside Minnie’s home and tosses stone on glass windows. Minnie strolls to gallery. Kewal shouts that he will execute her. Dadaji strolls to him and cautions to set out touch his granddaughter. Biji and NB control him and attempt to take him in. Kewal says he will cut Dadaji into pieces. Biji blows up and wastes Kewal. Kewal grumbles area individuals that Minie’s family is hassling poor guiltless man. NB cautions him to escape this region. Kewal cautions what will she do else. Minnie holds his neckline and pushes him away. He returns back to her.

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