Patiala Babes 21st Nov 2019 Episode Written Update (21/11/2019)

Patiala Babes

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Episode Name: Babita And Hanuman Bid Adieu

Air Date: 21 November 2019

Full Written Update: Patiala Babes 21/11/2019 Episode Start with

Minnie breaks when NB advises her that her Babes and HS are no more. She frenzies and cries all the more uproariously thinking back Babita’s words. Her companions attempt to reassure her, yet she keeps crying noisily and arrives at home with her companion, Preet and Bobby. Ek kudi jidaa naam mohabbath… .melody.plays out of sight.

She says she will call once and check whether Babes will answer. She at that point enters home and sees Babita and HS’ dead bodies cautiously. NB cries embracing her, and she supports her not to cry and everything will be okay.Biji then embraces her and demands her to cry, yet she doesn’t. Dadaji then embraces her and cries. She says she will spruce up and asks Preet to get her baggage from travel.

She Pinku mom says they have to play out didi’s last rights. Minie says that is performed by men and strolls to her room, scrubs down thinking back Babita’s words that for her she, Minnie, and HS matter most; thinks back HS’ words. She at that point leaves restroom in shower robe and hears individuals removing Babita and HS’ bodies reciting Ram Naam Satya Hai. NB shakes her and says individuals are taking bodies. Minnie doesn’t respond and fixing headphones tunes in to music and nods off.

Around evening time, NB awakens Minnie and says legal counselor has come. Minnie inquires as to why. NB says he needs to converse with her. Minnie asks what she will wear, opens Babita’s cabinet thinking back Babita notice not to contact her organizer, their nok jhok and snickers, and so forth.She sees her Babita’s photograph thinking back Babita telling when she was conceived, she was exceptionally little and used to contact her hair, cheek, nose, and so forth., with her minor fingers.

She at that point cries uproariously holding Babita’s garments and yells Babes.. In the wake of wearing Babita’s garments, she strolls down to family room where legal counselor illuminates her that Babita has moved her property, adornments, shares, common assets in her name. Minnie says she needn’t bother with anything and NB can keep it herself or move it to philanthropy; she will leave from here in a couple of days and needn’t bother with any property or adornments.

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Minnie strolls towards her room when a young lady holds her hand calling her mamma. Minnie takes a gander at young lady. Young lady says she is dad’s Veer Balika and not mamma. Minnie thinks back HS calling her and educating that she got a child sister who looks precisely like her with little pink cheeks and lips, little fingers, and so on., when she contacts her he feels Minnie is contacting her and is with them still at this point. She further thinks back NB presenting her sister Arya when she comes all the way back following 2 years.

Minnie tires to address Arya, however Arya stows away. Minnie smilingly says its alright, she can’t deal with youngsters in any case. Biji asks Arya to meet her Veer Balika sister. Arya sees wreaths on her parent’s photographs and requests to expel them as mamma gets wheezes with blooms. NB says this is photograph and not mamma. Arya demands. NB expels wreath, and Arya discards it and races to her room. NB at that point educates that Arya laid down with Biji and was furious that Veer Balika removed her folks and mamma cherishes just Minnie.

Minnie wlaks to Arya’s room and sees her seeing her parent’s and her photograph. Biji gets her preferred porridge/dalia and requests that her have it, else she will see apparition in her fantasy. Arya says she is lying as daddy told there is not at all like apparition. Biji says she is daddy’s top choice, dad will be furious in the event that he discovers that Arya didn’t have dalia.

Arya says Papa won’t discover. Biji demands her to have it. Arya pushes her hand away. Minnie inquires as to whether she should encourage Arya. Arya yells at her to escape her room and tosses toys on her. Minnie says fine she is going. Arya drives her out and bolts entryway.

Precap: Minnie tells her friend Jazz that Arya is a small kid and needs support, who will support her. Jazz asks Biji, Dadaji, and NB if they informed Arya that her parents are no more. Dadaji says no one yet. NB asks Minnie if she will.

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