Parineeti 8th October 2022 Episode Written Update (8/10/2022)


Parineeti 8th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Colors “Parineeti 8 October 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Pari Convinces Tai Ji For Neeti’s Muh Dikhayi Ritual

Parineeti Air Date: Parineeti 8th October 2022

Full Written Update: Parineeti 8/10/2022 Episode Start with He says pardon me for the wellbeing of atleast Pari. He twists down and contacts her feet, asking her to avoid this. Rajiv’s siblings request that Tai ji pardon him. Tai ji keeps her hand on Rajiv’s head. Pari and Rajiv express gratitude toward her. Pari thinks I have done this for Neeti and her kid and can forfeit 100 Rajiv for her. Neeti lets Pari know that today she is getting marriage feeling and says here we will talk and spend heartfelt evenings. Pari gets some information about his loved ones? Neeti says she felt as though they are concealing something from her. Neeti says you have helped out on me and expresses gratitude toward her. Simmy comes there and lets Neeti know that they couldn’t embellish her room. Neeti says its alright and tells that she will adore her more than Rajiv. Simmy requests that Pari assist her with enlivening the space for Neeti and her better half’s evening. Pari says how could I? Neeti thinks Pari is focused on so she will request that she finish the space to make her occupied. Simmy requests that Pari begin improving the room. She says first we will adorn the bed, as it is generally significant. Pari gets mournful eyes and wipes her tears. Simmy takes a gander at Pari, as she puts blossom petals on the bed.

Pari’s mom calls Rajiv. Rajiv welcomes her. Pari’s mom inquires as to whether all is great and asks what is happening? Rajiv says he was doing the rasam and tells that Pari was doing some rasams for Neeti. Pari’s mom says now Neeti can remain with Sanju and you will get time with Pari. She inquires as to whether Pari deals with her. She says when I called her, then, at that point, she doesn’t pick the call. She says then I called Neeti and the last option said that she is here. She says I requested that Pari deal with you and give you time. She is sorry to Rajiv and requests that he excuse Pari on the off chance that she was unable to deal with him because of Neeti. Rajiv thinks I have left Pari for Neeti. He thinks thank god, no one came to know anything in town.

Neeti finds the prize and tells that they had won the prize. She says my prize is in my home. Simmy says it very well may be of Sanju. Neeti says she got strained. Rajiv comes there. Neeti says you didn’t tell me? Pari says we previously told. Simmy asks how is the room? Rajiv says it is embellished well, by Pari and Simmy for the two of us. Pari says I will leave. Rajiv says in the event that you need, can remain here. Simmy inquires as to why we will remain here. Neeti asks Rajiv, in the event that their battle is as yet going on. Simmy requests that they focus on their exceptional evening. Rajiv shuts the entryway and rehashes Simmy’s words. Gurinder figures she will lead on the house and remembers to keep Neeti’s muh dikhayi tomorrow. She calls her companion and informs her concerning Neeti and her pregnancy. Tai ji inquires as to why she believes should do another show.

They contend. Tai ji says you could do without Neeti or her child. Gurinder says my family will finish and that is the reason you are desirous. Simmy comes there and requests that Tai ji let Gurinder put together the muh dikhayi rasam. Tai ji says it won’t work out. Pari comes there and says let them do this for neeti, she will feel better. Simmy says we are doing this for Neeti and her child, and I’m glad to become bua. Tai ji says we can’t call them, as they had come for Pari’s muh dikhayi. Pari says we will call different visitors. Tai ji requests that she do as she needs. Pari thinks she is doing this for Neeti’s bliss. Gurinder remembers to show Tai ji what will occur.

Rajiv requests that child rest and tells that it is the ideal opportunity for Dad to sentiment. He kisses on her cheeks. She won’t give him kiss. Rajiv says alright, and says he knows how to drive. She asks will I yell? He says I will sit far and says Tai ji will come and inquires as to whether you are distraught. Neeti says your Tai ji is severe and I’m anxious about her. Rajiv says she is having a decent heart and will cherish you like me.

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