Parineeti 8th August 2022 Episode Written Update (8/8/2022)


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Episode Name: Pari Sees Ajay With Shreya And Thinks It’s Sanju

Parineeti Air Date: Parineeti 8th August 2022

Full Written Update: Parineeti 8/8/2022 Episode Start with He expresses accompany me. Neeti says for what reason would you say you are so stressed? Would it be advisable for us to go to a specialist? Rajiv embraces Neeti and says I love you to such an extent. Neeti says I love you as well. For what reason would you say you are so stressed? Rajiv says I dread losing you to such an extent. You’re my main bliss. My mother used to say a man just retires from ladies. Devi maa, his mom, and his better half. Do you believe me right? I so dread breaking your trust. Neeti says obviously I trust you. Nobody can have your spot. Neeti expresses is there anything you need to tell me? Something that you can’t. Rajiv doesn’t say anything. I’m fine. Neeti says tell is everything alright? He says OK. My heart is sinking. I feel like something awful will occur. Neeti says just relax. I’m with you. She sits with him and gives him water. Neeti says you are intoxicated. I can call a specialist on the off chance that you want. Rajiv says I just need you. Simply stay here and converse with me. Neeti says don’t act like children. Try not to worry about what’s in store. How about we partake in our today. Rajiv says sorry I demolished all the state of mind I simply needed to request that you continue to trust me. Neeti says is everything alright? Rajiv embraces her. He says in his heart one day or other reality will become unavoidable. I need to cause you to accept that I love you as it were. Neeti contemplates what is he stowing away. Neeti says we should go partake in the party. Grin. She takes him out.

Pari searches for Neeti. She sees Shreya going to the anteroom. Ajay pursues her. Pari this Sanju is undermining Neeti without a doubt. He’s with Shreya. I will show everything to Neeti. Seema asks Rajiv and Neeti where could both of you have been? Subhash says they just got hitched. They need alone time. We likewise vanished from our sangeet. Your mother made such a quarrel. Neeti says Sanju wasn’t feeling great. Subhash says men are free with their souls. Keep Sanju in close control. Seema gets out whatever are you saying. They just got hitched and they love each other a great deal. Rajiv says in their heart what I am doing isn’t solidly in any way. What do I do? Neeti says Sanju loves me a ton. We can never get on one another. She says right Sanju?? He says OK.

Scene 2
Shreya says all you men are something similar. All of you play with our souls. I adored and believed you and that was my misstep. Pari says in her heart that Sanju likewise guaranteed Shreya. He gets out whatever commitment didn’t I satisfy? You know the whole truth. She says you sat with Neeti in that mandap and vowed to wed me. You’re playing with me and Neeti both. He says to know reality. I needed to stay there. I will close Neeti’s section and afterward we will get hitched. All will be well. Some of the time there’s a turn in the story and we need to imagine. Pari says he wedded her for some advantage. Shreya says enough. Try not to converse with me. Ajay says I love you a great deal. Pari says I will uncover him. Ajay says am I a liar? Shreya pushes him. Shreya says let me go. Pari says I want to track down Neeti and tell her beginning and end. Ajay says just you’re a major part of my life. I was just aiding Sanju. I didn’t realize I would stall out in this as well.

Neeti shares with Natasha it turns out to be so challenging to grasp men. She says yet Sanju is straightforward. Neeti says he’s acting abnormal. He embraced me and said never leave me. Just trust me that I won’t ever bomb you. Natasha says he could engage in extramarital relations. Neeti says please. She says Naman used to say he was a tease. Pari says he’s actual sweet. He generally keeps me blissful. Natasha says he cherishes you a great deal. Pari says Neeti I want to converse with you. Neeti says would you say you will question Sanju in the future? Satisfy I persuaded Sanju after such a lot of time. He cherishes me a ton.

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